arrayfire.library module

Module containing enums and other constants.

class arrayfire.library.BACKEND[source]

Bases: arrayfire.library._Enum

Backend libraries

CPU = <arrayfire.library.BACKEND object>
CUDA = <arrayfire.library.BACKEND object>
DEFAULT = <arrayfire.library.BACKEND object>
OPENCL = <arrayfire.library.BACKEND object>
class arrayfire.library.COLORMAP[source]

Bases: arrayfire.library._Enum


BLUE = <arrayfire.library.COLORMAP object>
COLORS = <arrayfire.library.COLORMAP object>
DEFAULT = <arrayfire.library.COLORMAP object>
HEAT = <arrayfire.library.COLORMAP object>
MOOD = <arrayfire.library.COLORMAP object>
RED = <arrayfire.library.COLORMAP object>
SPECTRUM = <arrayfire.library.COLORMAP object>
class arrayfire.library.CONNECTIVITY[source]

Bases: arrayfire.library._Enum

Neighborhood connectivity

EIGHT = <arrayfire.library.CONNECTIVITY object>
FOUR = <arrayfire.library.CONNECTIVITY object>
class arrayfire.library.CONV_DOMAIN[source]

Bases: arrayfire.library._Enum

Convolution domain

AUTO = <arrayfire.library.CONV_DOMAIN object>
FREQ = <arrayfire.library.CONV_DOMAIN object>
SPATIAL = <arrayfire.library.CONV_DOMAIN object>
class arrayfire.library.CONV_MODE[source]

Bases: arrayfire.library._Enum

Convolution mode

DEFAULT = <arrayfire.library.CONV_MODE object>
EXPAND = <arrayfire.library.CONV_MODE object>
class arrayfire.library.CSPACE[source]

Bases: arrayfire.library._Enum

Colorspace formats

GRAY = <arrayfire.library.CSPACE object>
HSV = <arrayfire.library.CSPACE object>
RGB = <arrayfire.library.CSPACE object>
YCbCr = <arrayfire.library.CSPACE object>
class arrayfire.library.Dtype[source]

Bases: arrayfire.library._Enum

Error values. For internal use only.

b8 = <arrayfire.library.Dtype object>
c32 = <arrayfire.library.Dtype object>
c64 = <arrayfire.library.Dtype object>
f32 = <arrayfire.library.Dtype object>
f64 = <arrayfire.library.Dtype object>
s16 = <arrayfire.library.Dtype object>
s32 = <arrayfire.library.Dtype object>
s64 = <arrayfire.library.Dtype object>
u16 = <arrayfire.library.Dtype object>
u32 = <arrayfire.library.Dtype object>
u64 = <arrayfire.library.Dtype object>
u8 = <arrayfire.library.Dtype object>
class arrayfire.library.ERR[source]

Bases: arrayfire.library._Enum

Error values. For internal use only.

ARG = <arrayfire.library.ERR object>
ARR_BKND_MISMATCH = <arrayfire.library.ERR object>
BATCH = <arrayfire.library.ERR object>
DEVICE = <arrayfire.library.ERR object>
DIFF_TYPE = <arrayfire.library.ERR object>
DRIVER = <arrayfire.library.ERR object>
INTERNAL = <arrayfire.library.ERR object>
INVALID_ARRAY = <arrayfire.library.ERR object>
LOAD_LIB = <arrayfire.library.ERR object>
LOAD_SYM = <arrayfire.library.ERR object>
NONE = <arrayfire.library.ERR object>
NONFREE = <arrayfire.library.ERR object>
NOT_CONFIGURED = <arrayfire.library.ERR object>
NOT_SUPPORTED = <arrayfire.library.ERR object>
NO_DBL = <arrayfire.library.ERR object>
NO_GFX = <arrayfire.library.ERR object>
NO_MEM = <arrayfire.library.ERR object>
RUNTIME = <arrayfire.library.ERR object>
SIZE = <arrayfire.library.ERR object>
TYPE = <arrayfire.library.ERR object>
UNKNOWN = <arrayfire.library.ERR object>
class arrayfire.library.HOMOGRAPHY[source]

Bases: arrayfire.library._Enum

Homography Types

LMEDS = <arrayfire.library.HOMOGRAPHY object>
RANSAC = <arrayfire.library.HOMOGRAPHY object>
class arrayfire.library.IMAGE_FORMAT[source]

Bases: arrayfire.library._Enum

Image Formats

BMP = <arrayfire.library.IMAGE_FORMAT object>
EXR = <arrayfire.library.IMAGE_FORMAT object>
HDR = <arrayfire.library.IMAGE_FORMAT object>
ICO = <arrayfire.library.IMAGE_FORMAT object>
JNG = <arrayfire.library.IMAGE_FORMAT object>
JP2 = <arrayfire.library.IMAGE_FORMAT object>
JPEG = <arrayfire.library.IMAGE_FORMAT object>
PNG = <arrayfire.library.IMAGE_FORMAT object>
PPM = <arrayfire.library.IMAGE_FORMAT object>
PPMRAW = <arrayfire.library.IMAGE_FORMAT object>
PSD = <arrayfire.library.IMAGE_FORMAT object>
RAW = <arrayfire.library.IMAGE_FORMAT object>
TIFF = <arrayfire.library.IMAGE_FORMAT object>
class arrayfire.library.INTERP[source]

Bases: arrayfire.library._Enum

Interpolation method

BILINEAR = <arrayfire.library.INTERP object>
CUBIC = <arrayfire.library.INTERP object>
LINEAR = <arrayfire.library.INTERP object>
LOWER = <arrayfire.library.INTERP object>
NEAREST = <arrayfire.library.INTERP object>
class arrayfire.library.MARKER[source]

Bases: arrayfire.library._Enum

Markers used for different points in graphics plots

CIRCLE = <arrayfire.library.MARKER object>
CROSS = <arrayfire.library.MARKER object>
NONE = <arrayfire.library.MARKER object>
PLUS = <arrayfire.library.MARKER object>
POINT = <arrayfire.library.MARKER object>
SQUARE = <arrayfire.library.MARKER object>
STAR = <arrayfire.library.MARKER object>
TRIANGE = <arrayfire.library.MARKER object>
class arrayfire.library.MATCH[source]

Bases: arrayfire.library._Enum

Match type

LSAD = <arrayfire.library.MATCH object>

Sum of squared differences

LSSD = <arrayfire.library.MATCH object>

Normalized cross correlation

NCC = <arrayfire.library.MATCH object>

Zero mean NCC

SAD = <arrayfire.library.MATCH object>

Zero mean SAD

SHD = <arrayfire.library.MATCH object>
SSD = <arrayfire.library.MATCH object>

Zero mean SSD

ZNCC = <arrayfire.library.MATCH object>

Sum of hamming distances

ZSAD = <arrayfire.library.MATCH object>

Locally scaled SAD

ZSSD = <arrayfire.library.MATCH object>

Locally scaled SSD

class arrayfire.library.MATPROP[source]

Bases: arrayfire.library._Enum

Matrix properties

BLOCK_DIAG = <arrayfire.library.MATPROP object>
CTRANS = <arrayfire.library.MATPROP object>

Upper triangular matrix.

DIAG_UNIT = <arrayfire.library.MATPROP object>

Symmetric matrix.

LOWER = <arrayfire.library.MATPROP object>

Treat diagonal as units.

NONE = <arrayfire.library.MATPROP object>


ORTHOG = <arrayfire.library.MATPROP object>

Tri diagonal matrix.

POSDEF = <arrayfire.library.MATPROP object>

Orthogonal matrix.

SYM = <arrayfire.library.MATPROP object>

Positive definite matrix.

TRANS = <arrayfire.library.MATPROP object>

Conjugate transposed.

TRI_DIAG = <arrayfire.library.MATPROP object>

Block diagonal matrix.

UPPER = <arrayfire.library.MATPROP object>

Lower triangular matrix.

class arrayfire.library.NORM[source]

Bases: arrayfire.library._Enum

Norm types

EUCLID = <arrayfire.library.NORM object>
MATRIX_1 = <arrayfire.library.NORM object>
MATRIX_2 = <arrayfire.library.NORM object>
MATRIX_INF = <arrayfire.library.NORM object>
MATRIX_L_PQ = <arrayfire.library.NORM object>
VECTOR_1 = <arrayfire.library.NORM object>
VECTOR_2 = <arrayfire.library.NORM object>
VECTOR_INF = <arrayfire.library.NORM object>
VECTOR_P = <arrayfire.library.NORM object>
class arrayfire.library.PAD[source]

Bases: arrayfire.library._Enum

Edge padding types

SYM = <arrayfire.library.PAD object>
ZERO = <arrayfire.library.PAD object>
class arrayfire.library.Source[source]

Bases: arrayfire.library._Enum

Source of the pointer

device = <arrayfire.library.Source object>
host = <arrayfire.library.Source object>
class arrayfire.library.YCC_STD[source]

Bases: arrayfire.library._Enum

YCC Standard formats

BT_2020 = <arrayfire.library.YCC_STD object>
BT_601 = <arrayfire.library.YCC_STD object>
BT_709 = <arrayfire.library.YCC_STD object>

Get the current active backend

: str.
Backend name

Get names of available backends


names : tuple of strings

Names of available backends


Return the name of the backend


Get number of available backends


count : int

Number of available backends


Get backend name of an array


A : af.Array


name : str.

Backend name


Get the device id of the array


A : af.Array


dev : Integer

id of the device array was created on

arrayfire.library.set_backend(name, unsafe=False)[source]

Set a specific backend by name


name : str.

unsafe : optional: bool. Default: False.

If False, does not switch backend if current backend is not unified backend.