Platform Specific Issues


With v5.5.0 the OS X version of Qt is built so that the Qt frameworks are built using the rpath mechanism. Unfortunately this causes problems for plugin based applications. The Python interpreter (with it’s use of dynamically loaded C/C++ extension modules) is one such application. The problem arises when a Qt framework tries to dynamically load it’s own plugins and those plugins are also linked against a Qt framework.

PyQt v5.5 (and later) implements a workaround for the most common situation which is the loading of the QPA platform plugin (libqcocoa.dylib) by the QtGui module. However the problem can arise with other plugins. The solution is the set the DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH environment variable to the name of the lib directory in your Qt installation, i.e. the directory containing the Qt frameworks.


The problem appears to have been fixed in Qt v5.6.