Deploying Commercial PyQt5 ApplicationsΒΆ

Deploying commercial PyQt5 applications can be a complicated process for a number of reasons:

  • It is usually better not to rely on pre-requisite packages being already installed on the user’s system. This means that as well as your application code, you also need to include the Python interpreter, the standard library, third-pary packages and extension modules, and Qt itself.
  • Some target platforms (iOS for example) have restrictions on how an application is built in order for it to be included in app stores.
  • It is necessary to discourage users from accessing the underlying PyQt5 modules for themselves. A user that used the modules shipped with your application to develop new applications would themselves be considered a developer and would need their own commercial PyQt5 license.

The recommended solution to all of these issues is to use pyqtdeploy.