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Networking HP PPA DeskJet Printers using SAMBA.

The pnm2ppa project team

v0.12 Feb 10, 2002

This document discusses Networking HP 710C, 720C 820C or 1000C Series (PPA Protocol) HP DeskJet printers with non-Windows Hosts or Clients, using SAMBA. Topics include choosing between transmitting PPA or PostScript across the network, Windows and Linux/Unix Hosts, Windows and Linux/Unix Clients, and emulating a PostScript printer on Windows. (Updated for pnm2ppa-1.04 and later.)

1. Networking HP DeskJet PPA printers with SAMBA

2. Configuring the Printer Host.

3. Configuring the Printing Clients.

4. Emulating a PostScript printer on a Windows Host.

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