Class AbstractWiringNamespace

Direct Known Subclasses:
BundleNamespace, HostNamespace, PackageNamespace

@ProviderType public abstract class AbstractWiringNamespace extends Namespace
Wiring Capability and Requirement Namespaces base class.

This class is the common class shared by all OSGi defined wiring namespaces. It defines the names for the common attributes and directives for the OSGi specified wiring namespaces.

The values associated with these keys are of type String, unless otherwise indicated.

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      public static final String CAPABILITY_MANDATORY_DIRECTIVE
      The capability directive used to specify the comma separated list of mandatory attributes which must be specified in the filter of a requirement in order for the capability to match the requirement.
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      public static final String CAPABILITY_BUNDLE_VERSION_ATTRIBUTE
      The capability attribute contains the Version of the resource providing the capability if one is specified or 0.0.0 if not specified. The value of this attribute must be of type Version.
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