Frobby  0.9.5
Frobby Documentation

Frobby is a program and library for performing computations related to monomial ideals, such as Hilbert-Poincare series and irreducible decomposition.Frobby is loosely structured into a number of layers. These are the bottom layer which performs the actual computations, the middle layer that gives the functionality in the bottom layer a more convenient interface, and the top layer which consists of Frobby's interface to the world as a library or console program.

The interface to Frobby as a library is in the file frobby.h. The console layer has more code to it, where the central classes are those derived from the classes Action and IOHandler.

The middle layer is composed of a number of classes following the Facade design pattern, and they all derive from the class Facade.

The bottom layer consists of various classes and functions that perform calculations on monomial ideals. The main functionality is accessed by using the function runSliceAlgorithm, which runs the Slice Algorithm on a monomial ideal. The Slice Algorithm can be specialized to compute a number of things, and these specializations are implemented as derived classes of SliceStrategy, which can be passed as a parameter to runSliceAlgorithm.