1.1. Description

libdbi provides application developers with a database independent abstraction layer for C. It handles the database-specific implementations for each type of database, so that you can use the same exact code with any type of database server that libdbi supports. You can initiate and use multiple database connections simultaneously, regardless of the types of database servers you are connecting to. The plugin architecture allows for new database drivers to be easily added dynamically by a third party.

To aid the development of new database drivers, libdbi ships a template which contains everything you need to get started. Copy the drivers/example directory to your CVS version of the libdbi-drivers project, rename it to the name of your database engine, and replace the string "example" by the name of your database engine in all files in that directory. This should get you pretty far. Check the name of the client library in the Makefile.am and the name of the client library headers in the driver source file. Then have a peek at the existing drivers, and implement the functions in the driver source template accordingly.