for libchamplain 0.12.20

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I. Core API
GtkChamplainEmbed — A Gtk+ Widget that embeds a ChamplainView
ChamplainView — A ClutterActor to display maps
II. Layers, Markers and Locations
ChamplainLayer — Base class of libchamplain layers
ChamplainMarkerLayer — A container for ChamplainMarker
ChamplainPathLayer — A layer displaying line path between inserted ChamplainLocation objects
ChamplainMarker — Base class of libchamplain markers
ChamplainLabel — A label to identify points of interest on a map
ChamplainPoint — A simple point to mark a coordinate
ChamplainCustomMarker — A marker implementing the ClutterContainer interface. Deprecated.
ChamplainLocation — An interface common to objects having latitude and longitude
ChamplainCoordinate — The simplest implementation of ChamplainLocation
III. Widgets
ChamplainLicense — An actor that displays license text.
ChamplainScale — An actor displaying a scale.
IV. Map Source API
ChamplainMapSource — A base class for map sources
Tile Sources
ChamplainTileSource — A base class of tile sources
ChamplainNetworkTileSource — A map source that downloads tile data from a web server
ChamplainNullTileSource — A tile source that doesn't load map data from anywhere
ChamplainFileTileSource — A map source that loads tile data from a file
ChamplainNetworkBboxTileSource — A map source that loads tile data from an OpenStreetMap API server
Tile Caches
ChamplainTileCache — A base class of tile caches
ChamplainFileCache — Stores and loads cached tiles from the file system
ChamplainMemoryCache — Stores and loads cached tiles from the memory
Map Source Utilities
ChamplainMapSourceChain — A map source simplifying creation of source chains
ChamplainMapSourceFactory — Manages ChamplainMapSource instances
ChamplainMapSourceDesc — A class that describes map sources.
V. Renderer API
ChamplainRenderer — A base class of renderers
ChamplainImageRenderer — A renderer that renders tiles from binary image data
ChamplainErrorTileRenderer — A renderer that renders error tiles independently of input data
VI. Others
ChamplainTile — An object that represent map tiles
champlain-bounding-box — A basic struct to describe a bounding box
ChamplainExportable — An interface for objects exportable to a cairo surface
champlain-version — Versioning utility macros
VII. Annotation Glossary
Annotation Glossary
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