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Committers, contributors et alias

This page lists all people who have gone the extra mile and supported Castor in one way or another. This list includes committers, contributors, people who have contributed to the project's documentation, and people who advanced the project by providing us with valuable feedback.

If you would like to get involved, the first step is to join the mailing lists.

We kindly ask that you not send us emails privately (e.g. asking for support). We are non-paid volunteers who help out with the project and we do not necessarily have the time or energy to help people on an individual basis.

Instead, we have set up mailing lists which often contain hundreds of individuals. The benefit of using mailing lists instead of private communication is that these mailing lists are a shared resource where others can also learn from your messages. This is true whether your request contains a problem description, advice, or even a common mistake, and as a community we all grow together.

In addition, use of mailing lists enables us to maintain searchable archives of these mailing lists that cover a vast range of questions and answers related to the use of Castor. We simply cannot overstate the importance of these archives.


Committers are contributors who have written lots of important code, sacrificing all social events, and becoming a hermit at the expense of providing good tools for people they don't even know. In return for their love and devotion you may bug them with questions, bug fixes, patches and offer them free beer.

Werner Guttmann Current Castor project lead; JDO enhancements including distributed caches, TransactionManagerFactory API, support for polymorphism, Spring integration, the API for JDBC parameters and much more. Indoqa, Inc.  JDO & XMLActiveOct. 2003
Ralf Joachim Various bug fixes, enhancements and refactorings at almost all parts of JDO including major refactoring of JDO test framework. Syscon  JDOActiveDec. 2004
Lukas Lang Contributed to JDO extensions for Castor XML code generator, including major refactorings of XML code generation and JDO  XML and JDOActiveJul. 2008
Udai Gupta Transferred some tests to new JDO test framework, Some bug fixes.  JDOActiveJul. 2008
Edward Kuns Various bug fixes, enhancements and refactorings at almost all parts of XML code generation, including major refactoring of XML test framework.  XML Inactive Oct. 2006
Joachim Grüneis Field of work is JAXB on top of Castor. Therefor a lot of refactorings and adoptions in Castor XML are required.  XML Inactive Sep. 2007

Inactive Committer

Inactive committers are .. well, inactive. In other words, they are of the same status as a committer, with the only difference that all their contributions happened in the past.

Keith Visco Intial Castor XML author and Castor Project Lead until 1.0.2. Responsible for all things wrong in Castor XML. Enhancements, bug fixes, documention, etc.  XML Inactive The beginning
Andrew FawcettXML enhancements.CODA  XML Inactive Apr. 2005 (again)
Bruce Snyder Enhancements, bug fixes, documention, etc. (JDO project lead from 0.9 to 0.9.5)  JDO Inactive
Martin Fuchs JDO bug fixes and enhancements including JdoConfFactory; test cases; Oracle questions Mentopolis  JDO Inactive Dec. 2004
Gregory Block Bugfixes/enhancements, stress testing, performance testing, tester of unusual 'runtime' environments, (Hashbelt) cache implementations et alias. CTO for a day  JDO Inactive Dec. 2004
Stein Hugubakken Performance enhancements, core refactoring and much more.  JDO Inactive Dec. 2004
Arnaud Blandin Responsible for all the boring stuff that Keith doesn't want to do anymore. Causes immense stress for the other contributors. Introduces bad franglish into the documentation. Intalio, Inc.  XML Inactive
Thomas Yip Lead developer of Castor JDO from late v.0.8 to early v.0.9. Enhancements to the lock model, LRU cache, lazy loading, multi-pk, m-n support, etc; bugs fixes, test cases, and documentation.  JDO Inactive
Assaf Arkin The initial author of Castor JDO. Formally responsible for all things wrong in JDO, and all bugs in Mapping API. (non-active) Intalio, Inc.  JDO Inactive The beginning
Sebastien GignouxXML Mapping enhancements, bug fixes, documentation and some testing.  XML Inactive
Thorsten ThielenEnhancements to OQL.  JDO Inactive
Sebastien SahucTesting for Oracle and Castor XML.Intalio, Inc.  JDO Inactive
Ned WolpertJDO enhancements, refactoring and PostgreSQL integration.CodeHead Systems  JDO Inactive
Mickael GuessantJDO enhancements, help on the mailing list.  JDO Inactive
Oleg Nitz Key generators, stored procedures, Sybase 11/12 support and a variety of other design contributions. Integrated Banking Information Systems  JDO Inactive
Remy MaucheratXML enhancements, lots of testing.Sun Microsystems  XML Inactive
Nissim KarpensteinDevelops the OQL query parser.NK Systems  JDO Inactive
Markus FritzJDO bugfixes, enhancements.  JDO Inactive

GSOC student

Contributors who jointed the project for an extended period (3 months) as student under the umbrella of the Google summer of code program, working with existing committers on larg-ish junks of new functionality..

Epheser Matthias Committed a lot of new functionality to the XML code generator, including. the integration of Velocity as template engine, etc.  XML Inactive Summer 2007


Contributors are responsible for making this a better project and we all end up benefiting from the bug fixes, design changes or features they contributed. Contributors tend to live a balanced life and hopefully eat a healthy diet.

Keith AckleyAdded support for marshalling the DOCTYPE to the marshaller.EDS (Electronic Data Systems)   Inactive
Vince AdamoContributed API to support cache flushing/eviction.   Inactive
Santiago ArriagaAdded Informix and Hypersonic SQL to the list of supported databases.   Inactive
Andrew BallangerAn improvement for generated SQL statement syntax   Inactive
Steve BateFixes to JDO   Inactive
Simon BatesProposed patch for bug 1200   Inactive
Michael BeauregardPatch for Ant build descriptor to construct the CLASSPATH.   Inactive
Patric BechtelA patch to JDO: the same-connection="false" mode of HIGH/LOW key generator didn't work   Inactive
Rostislav Beloff Patch to prevent instropection of static methods.   Inactive
Nick Betteridge Added setErrorHandler() to SchemaReader, added removeFacet() to SimpleType.   Inactive
Erwin BolwidtPatches for cleanup of docs   Inactive
Jakob BraeuchiSubmitted a patch to enable readonly field support   Inactive
Dave Brosius Submitted small improvements to build.bat and various java files.   Inactive
Leonardo BuenoContributed MySQL driver.   Inactive
Graham BygraveOffered a fix an unprotected call on a potentially null object in OQLQueryImpl#bind()   Inactive
Emir Causevic Contributed several patches for SapDb driver and fixed compilation problems with Java5. Currently involved in JPA 3.0 implementation and extension of Castor JDO to meet new feature requests.  Active
Terry ChildContributed Interbase driver.   Inactive
Stephen ChinProposed patch for bug 1530   Inactive
Paul ChristmannProvided UnmarshalListener feature   Inactive
Alan ColemanContributions to Castor XML (patch for bugs 1319, 1322)Kenamea, Inc.   Inactive
David CumberlandPatch for DateTimeValidator.   Inactive
Thomas De SmedtPatch for bug 1530   Inactive
Bernd Deichmann Updates for ODMG 3.0 collection support. Poet Software   Inactive
August Detlefsen Fixed issue with bad dates being persisted in Oracle 9.2.   Inactive
Stein Eliassen Fix for but 1313, count-limited cache type is 30 not 100.   Inactive
Robert La FerlaConributed EnumeratedTypeaccess interface..   Inactive
Gilles Gaillard various bug fixes and patches for Castor XML   Inactive
Chris Giordano Patch for bug 1658   Inactive
Nathan Green Enhancements to ConsoleDialog and SourceGenerator to allow "all" option via command line utility.   Inactive
Joachim Grüneis Field of work is JAXB on top of Castor. Therefor a lot of refactorings and adoptions in Castor XML are required.  Active
Marc GuillemotContributed a fix for bug 1452.   Inactive
Thierry GuerinAdded WeblogicXMLSerializerFactory.   Inactive
Ulli HafnerPatch for bug 1632   Inactive
John HallPatch to upgrade Mapping.xsd to latest XML Schema draftAvolent, Inc.   Inactive
Patrick Higgins Enhancements to the javasource classes to fix support for abstract methods. Some changes for Java 2 types compatibiliy.   Inactive
Rick Hogge Added patch to source generator to prevent conflicts with java.lang.Object when the XML Schema contains an element name of "object" or "Object".   Inactive
Shaun Kelly Fix for for multiple occurrences of the 'AS' keyword.   Inactive
Don Kleppinger Enhancement to Marshaller to support BigDecimal as a primitive type.   Inactive
Lance Lavandowska Mapping GUI, LIMIT and OFFSET keywords for HSQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL   Inactive
Jonathan LayesSome bug fixes to XML UnmarshallerZaplet   Inactive
Duc Bao LeInitial implementation of DDL Generator   Inactive
Stefan Liebner Submitted code for generating mapping file from existing SQL database.   Inactive
Peter LinProvided patch for bug 1272 (fix for bound properties)   Inactive
Heng Sin LowGives helps fellow users on the mailing list   Inactive
Damon MariaBug reports and bug fixes for readonly locking mode in Castor JDO   Inactive
Margaret Martin Contributions to the mailing list to help others in the community; contributed a workaround for the lack of self-referential relationships.   Inactive
Oliver MatzFix for rollback of fields of type primitive long.   Inactive
Thorsten MauchOQL Query tool, bug fixing for OQL.   Inactive
Andrew MayFixed Castor being unable to find FieldDescriptor when using auto-naming with location.   Inactive
Will McKinley Provided a patch to source generator that allows case insensitive lookups for enumerated type values.   Inactive
Tom MurrayProvided a patch concerning the reading of AnyNode.   Inactive
Ciamac MoallemiA patch to OQL parser: retrieving fields from a superclass   Inactive
David NemeshazyProvided a fix for making the HIGH/LOW key generator name pass XML schema and DTD validation.   Inactive
Glenn NielsenSome patches for Castor XML, JakartaOroEvaluator   Inactive
Takashi OkamotoContributed XercesRegExpEvaluator implementation   Inactive
Leif OinesSome bug fixes for DateFieldHandler   Inactive
Thomas OlaussonContributed a patch for DB2 and identity columns   Inactive
Erik OstermuellerContributions to the mailing list to help others in the community   Inactive
Burak OzyurtAdded InstantDB to the list of supported databases.   Inactive
Jackie ParadisPatch for bug 1474   Inactive
Marc-Antoine ParentEnhancements to the Castor DSML and bug fixing.   Inactive
Stéphane PelchatPatches to enum and date field handlers to support "nillable" fields.   Inactive
Brent PicassoSome patches for Castor XML   Inactive
Phil PinelTimeZone bug fix for DateFieldHandler   Inactive
Ulrich Post Allowed restricting an complexType with complexContent to complexType with simpleContent.   Inactive
Barbara PrechtlFixed unmarshaller error with generated code when using groups.   Inactive
Ralf PurnhagenA patch to JDO which fixed a ClassNotFoundException ocurring in a multiple ClassLoader environment   Inactive
Todd RaderA patch for RelationCollection to fix incorrect iteration deleted items are present.   Inactive
Brett RandallPatch for bug 1272 (fix for bound properties)   Inactive
Petr RehorPatches to Castor OQL. Includes the support of 1:M N:M query.   Inactive
Martin RennerFixes for rollback() destroying lazy loading collections, PreparedStatement not closed in SQLEngine.delete, Exception during db.rollback() when db.update() fails, Time limited cache is expiring too fast   Inactive
Jon RevieBug fixes for logging statements.   Inactive
Phillip Rhodes Fixed JDO bug: non-null columns sometimes were returned as null   Inactive
Christian Riege Patch for JInterface to prevent illegal cast when adding a method that uses a JInterface as a parameter type   Inactive
Stefan RotmanFix bug at CastorException   Inactive
Guillaume RousseMapping extension and other important feebback   Inactive
David Roytenberg Enhancements to DateFieldHandler to allow different date formats than that which is defined in XML Schema. NSRI Inc.   Inactive
Lukasz Salwinski Helped tracked down issue causing bug CASTOR-1216   Inactive
Gary Shea Enhancements to the org.exolab.javasource package.   Inactive
Vitaly ShishakovContributed "trigger" mode for SEQUENCE key generator.   Inactive
Kesha SibilevPatches to JDO   Inactive
Eric SimonFixed thread safe issue with mapping files   Inactive
Martin Skopp Enhancements to the org.exolab.javasource package.   Inactive
Matt SmallSome patches for Castor XML Schema Writer, tracked down issue for bug CASTOR-1216   Inactive
Ron SmithPatch to make 'Map' collection really generic.   Inactive
David SnowsillJDO bugfixes   Inactive
George Stewart Enhancement to give mapping loader higher priority than compiled descriptors   Inactive
Rhett Sutphin Fixes for mapping.xsd (the schema for the mapping object model) and the initial contribution of the binding file for the mapping schema. Patch for bug 1245.   Inactive
Tim Telcik Patch for bug 1916 and 1917   Inactive
David Thal Patch for bug 1666   Inactive
Frank Thelen Submitted code for allowing subclassing of the special types used by the Source Generator, and for supporting ODMG 3.0 collections. Poet Software   Inactive
Michael ThyenPatch to fix introspection of addXxx() method.   Inactive
David TinkerAdd support of Identity Key generator for Informix   Inactive
Vladimir TsichevskiSome patches for Castor XML + Castor JDO   Inactive
Lutz UlrichPatch for Castor XML bug 1416   Inactive
Stoil ValchkovFixed NPE in case of extension of union   Inactive
Patrick van KannPorted SQL for Castor JDO tests to SQL Server; updates for docs; helping others on the mailing list   Inactive
Roy van der KuilPatch for bug 1730; helping others on the mailing list   Inactive
Henk van VoorthujsenFixed lots of compiler warnings   Inactive
Stephane VerletPatch for High/Low key generator problem in multi DB environement   Inactive
John Weir enhancement to allow extra non-matched elements to simply be ignored.   Inactive
Michael Westbay Patch for bug CASTOR-1132 (JIRA)   Inactive
Clóvis Wichoski Contributed patch for SapDbQueryExpression and CASTOR-1207 (JIRA). Also improved coverage of CTF tests for SapDB. Supridatta   Inactive
Nic WiseContributed SEQUENCE key generator for Interbase.   Inactive
Mark Woon Contributed patches for java.lang.Long<->java.util.Date type convertors and some patches to clean up docs   Inactive


Documentors do the impossible and actually explain how to use the software in spite of all the complexity introduced by the committers and contributors.

Andrew Gilmartin Provided examples and docs Blob support via OID with PostgreSQL.   Inactive
Rick HorowitzImprove the documentation of Castor JDO. Also, bug reports and feedback.   Inactive
Matt SecoskeHOW-TO Unmarshal raw XML segments into arbitrary types.   Inactive
Eitan Suez Clean-up of xml-mapping documentation and documentation on xsi:type. The create-method addition to the tip & tricks page.   Inactive
Dan Tanner Contribution to the Castor XML FAQ.   Inactive


These contributor types have offered valuable feedback (including bug reports) that have been beneficial to the development and stability of this project.

Luis AriasXML Schema related issues   Inactive
Ozgur BalsoyCastor XML feedback   Inactive
Alan CabreraPatch to add InstanceFactory support   Inactive
Dan ChristophersonPatch for wildcard introspection bug   Inactive
Edwin Dankert Patch to org.exolab.castor.xml.schema.util.DatatypeHandler to allow empty strings to be handled properly and prevent an exception when "guessing" the type.   Inactive
Stephan GoetterCastor XML feedback   Inactive
Peter GoldsteinSuggested improvement in generated source for booleans (bug 1527)   Inactive
Sasha HaghaniReported bug with 1-1 Related Objects and autoStore   Inactive
Duncan HoyleCastor XML feedback   Inactive
Struan JuddCastor XML feedback   Inactive
Gerald KleserAddition feedback and proposed workaround for bug 1449   Inactive
Zsolt KovacsNullPointerException fix in XMLInstance2SchemaHandler   Inactive
Robert La FerlaCastor XML feedback   Inactive
Bill LengBug Reports / Castor XML feedback   Inactive
Joakim OhlroggePatch for bug 1449   Inactive
Thomas Paradies Bug report and patch for default Serializer configuration with respect to UTF-8 encoding.   Inactive
Ivica RimacA lot of bug reports, feature requrests, feedbacks and testing for Castor JDO   Inactive
Daniel SadinoffFixed some typos in the origins document   Inactive
Georg SchneiderFound an ArrayOutOfBoundsException and fixed it.   Inactive
Radovan Skolnik Testing/Feedback on mapping file usage related to Castor XML   Inactive
Manjuka SoysaFeedback on generated enumerations, suggested adding the "enumerate" method.   Inactive
Eitan SuezVarious bug reports.   Inactive
Venkatakrishnan SundaranathaTesting for Oracle and type conversion for Oracle JDBC driver.   Inactive
Johan Van vlerkenCastor XML feedback - patch for bug 1461   Inactive
Steve VaughanCastor XML feedback   Inactive
Julien Viet Reported bug in CollectionInfoJ2 with respect to unbounded collections   Inactive
Jeffrey Wescott   Inactive
Eldad ZamlerFound and reported bugs in ClassMolder, ObjectLock and SQLEngine   Inactive


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