Aria  2.8.0

This program demonstrates the sound output queue ArSoundsQueueShows how to operate the sounds queue and add WAV files to play.

You may specify up to 10 file names on the command line. This example only demonstrates using the sounds queue for WAV file playback. For demonstration of using the sounds queue for speech synthesis, see the examples provided with either the ArSpeechSynth_Cepstral or ArSpeechSynth_Festival libraries.

Usage: soundQueue <wav file names>

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#include "Aria.h"
#include "ariaTypedefs.h"
#include "ariaUtil.h"
#include "ArSoundsQueue.h"
#include "ArSoundPlayer.h"
#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
using namespace std;
void queueNowEmpty() {
printf("The sound queue is now empty.\n");
void queueNowNonempty() {
printf("The sound queue is now non-empty.\n");
bool no() {
// just a false tautology
return false;
int main(int argc, char** argv) {
//ArLog::init(ArLog::StdErr, ArLog::Verbose);
// Create the sound queue.
ArSoundsQueue soundQueue;
// Set WAV file callbacks
// Notifications when the queue goes empty or non-empty.
soundQueue.addQueueEmptyCallback(new ArGlobalFunctor(&queueNowEmpty));
soundQueue.addQueueNonemptyCallback(new ArGlobalFunctor(&queueNowNonempty));
// Run the sound queue in a new thread
// Get WAV file names from command line
if(argc < 2)
cerr << "Usage: " << argv[0] << " <up to ten WAV sound file names...>\n";
std::vector<const char*> filenames;
for(int i = 1; i < min(argc, 11); i++)
// This functor can be used to cancel all sound playback until removed
ArGlobalRetFunctor<bool> dontPlayItem(&no);
cout << "Queue is " <<
<< ", with " << soundQueue.getCurrentQueueSize() << " pending sounds." << endl
<< "Enter a command followed by the enter key:\n"
<< "\tp\trequest pause state (cumulative)\n"
<< "\tr\trequest resume state (cumulative)\n"
<< "\ti\tinterrupt current sound\n"
<< "\tc\tclear the queue\n"
<< "\tC\tclear priority < 4 from the queue.\n"
<< "\tn\tAdd " << filenames[0] << " to the queue, but with a condition callback to prevent it playing.\n"
<< "\tv\tAdjust volume -50%\n"
<< "\tV\tAdjust volume +50%\n"
<< "\to\tAdjust volume -100%\n"
<< "\tO\tAdjust volume +100%\n"
<< "\tl\tAdjust volume -200%\n"
<< "\tL\tAdjust volume +200%\n"
<< "\t-\tSet volume adjustment to normal level\n"
for(size_t i = 0; i < filenames.size(); i++)
cout << "\t" << i << "\tadd " << filenames[i] << " to the queue\n";
cout << "\tq\tquit\n\n";
int c = getchar();
if(c == '\n')
case 'p': soundQueue.pause(); break;
case 'r': soundQueue.resume(); break;
case 'i': soundQueue.interrupt(); break;
case 'q': soundQueue.stop(); ArUtil::sleep(100); Aria::exit(0);
case 'c': soundQueue.clearQueue(); break;
case 'C': soundQueue.removePendingItems(4); break;
case 'n':
cout << "Adding \"" << filenames[0] << "\" but with a condition callback that will prevent it from playing...\n";
ArSoundsQueue::Item item = soundQueue.createDefaultFileItem(filenames[0]);
case 'v': ArSoundPlayer::setVolumePercent(-50.0); break;
case 'V': ArSoundPlayer::setVolumePercent(50.0); break;
case 'o': ArSoundPlayer::setVolumePercent(-100.0); break;
case 'O': ArSoundPlayer::setVolumePercent(100.0); break;
case 'l': ArSoundPlayer::setVolumePercent(-200.0); break;
case 'L': ArSoundPlayer::setVolumePercent(200.0); break;
case '-': ArSoundPlayer::setVolumePercent(0.0); break;
if(filenames.size() > 0 && c >= '0' && c <= '9')
size_t i = c - '0';
if(i < filenames.size())
cout << "Adding \"" << filenames[i] << "\" to the queue...\n";[i]);
cout << "ended.\n";
return 0;