Aria  2.8.0

Demonstrates how callbacks can be registered with ArRobot to be called when a connection succeeds or fails.

Adept MobileRobots Robotics Interface for Applications (ARIA)
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#include "Aria.h"
This class contains the methods called by the connection callback functors.
class ConnHandler
// Constructor
ConnHandler(ArRobot *robot);
// Destructor, its just empty
~ConnHandler(void) {}
// called if the connection was sucessfully made
void connected(void);
// called if the connection failed. stop the robot processing thread.
void connectionFailed(void);
// called when the connection is closed
void disconnected(void);
// called if the connection is lost due to an error
void connectionLost(void);
// keep a robot pointer
ArRobot *myRobot;
// the functor callbacks
ArFunctorC<ConnHandler> myConnectedCB;
ArFunctorC<ConnHandler> myDisconnectedCB;
/* ConnHandler constructor. Initialize functor objects, then
* add them as connection handler callbacks with the robot object.
ConnHandler::ConnHandler(ArRobot *robot) :
myConnectedCB(this, &ConnHandler::connected),
myConnFailCB(this, &ConnHandler::connectionFailed),
myDisconnectedCB(this, &ConnHandler::disconnected),
myConnLostCB(this, &ConnHandler::connectionLost)
// keep a robot pointer for use by the handler callback methods
myRobot = robot;
// add the callbacks to the robot
myRobot->addConnectCB(&myConnectedCB, ArListPos::FIRST);
myRobot->addFailedConnectCB(&myConnFailCB, ArListPos::FIRST);
myRobot->addDisconnectNormallyCB(&myDisconnectedCB, ArListPos::FIRST);
myRobot->addDisconnectOnErrorCB(&myDisconnectedCB, ArListPos::FIRST);
// just exit if the connection failed
void ConnHandler::connectionFailed(void)
ArLog::log(ArLog::Normal, "ConnHandler: Connection failed. Exiting the program.");
void ConnHandler::connected(void)
ArLog::log(ArLog::Normal, "ConnHandler: Connected. Turning off sonar,");
// turn off sonar, turn off amigobot sounds
myRobot->comInt(ArCommands::SONAR, 0);
myRobot->comInt(ArCommands::SOUNDTOG, 0);
// disconnected
void ConnHandler::disconnected(void)
ArLog::log(ArLog::Normal, "ConnHandler: Connection closed. Exiting the program.");
// lost connection due to errror, exit
void ConnHandler::connectionLost(void)
ArLog::log(ArLog::Normal, "ConnHandler: Lost connection due to an error! Exiting the program!");
int main(int argc, char **argv)
ArRobot robot;
ArArgumentParser argParser(&argc, argv);
ArSimpleConnector con(&argParser);
return 1;
// Create a connection handler object, defined above, then try to connect to the
// robot.
ConnHandler ch(&robot);
// Sleep for 10 seconds, then request that ArRobot stop its thread.
ArLog::log(ArLog::Normal, "Sleeping for 10 seconds...");
ArLog::log(ArLog::Normal, "...requesting that the robot thread exit, then shutting down ARIA and exiting.");
return 0;