Aria  2.8.0

Simple example of Aria's line-finder utility, which uses data from a laser rangefinder to detect a continues line of points.This example program will constantly search for a line-like pattern in the sensor readings of a laser rangefinder. If you press the 'f' key, those points will be saved in 'points' and 'lines' files. Use arrow keys or joystick to teleoperate the robot.

Adept MobileRobots Robotics Interface for Applications (ARIA)
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This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
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#include "Aria.h"
int main(int argc, char **argv)
ArSimpleConnector connector(&argc, argv);
ArRobot robot;
ArSick sick;
if (!Aria::parseArgs() || argc > 1)
Aria::exit(1); // exit program with error code 1
return 1;
ArKeyHandler keyHandler;
// Create the ArLineFinder object. Set it to log lots of information about its
// processing.
ArLineFinder lineFinder(&sick);
// Add key callbacks that simply call the ArLineFinder::getLinesAndSaveThem()
// function, which searches for lines in the current set of laser sensor
// readings, and saves them in files with the names 'points' and 'lines'.
ArFunctorC<ArLineFinder> findLineCB(&lineFinder,
keyHandler.addKeyHandler('f', &findLineCB);
keyHandler.addKeyHandler('F', &findLineCB);
ArLog::log(ArLog::Normal, "lineFinderExample: connecting to robot...");
if (!connector.connectRobot(&robot))
printf("Could not connect to robot... exiting\n");
Aria::exit(1); // exit program with error code 1
return 1;
// now set up the laser
ArLog::log(ArLog::Normal, "lineFinderExample: connecting to SICK laser...");
if (!sick.blockingConnect())
printf("Could not connect to SICK laser... exiting\n");
return 1;
printf("If you press the 'f' key the points and lines found will be saved\n");
printf("Into the 'points' and 'lines' file in the current working directory\n");
return 0;