Aria  2.8.0

Example ArAction object that uses ArJoyHandler to get joystick input.This program just drives the robot around with a joystick, by way of an ArAction class which reads data fram an ArJoyHandler. Its a practical example of actions.

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#include "Aria.h"
// the action which will drive the robot
class JoydriveAction : public ArAction
// constructor
// empty destructor
virtual ~JoydriveAction(void);
//the fire which will actually tell the resolver what to do
virtual ArActionDesired *fire(ArActionDesired currentDesired);
// whether the joystick is initalized or not
bool joystickInited(void);
// action desired
ArActionDesired myDesired;
// joystick handler
ArJoyHandler myJoyHandler;
Note the use of constructor chaining with ArAction.
JoydriveAction::JoydriveAction(void) :
ArAction("Joydrive Action", "This action reads the joystick and sets the translational and rotational velocity based on this.")
// initialize the joystick
// set up the speed parameters on the joystick
myJoyHandler.setSpeeds(50, 700);
// whether the joystick is there or not
bool JoydriveAction::joystickInited(void)
return myJoyHandler.haveJoystick();
// the guts of the thing
ArActionDesired *JoydriveAction::fire(ArActionDesired currentDesired)
int rot, trans;
// print out some info about hte robot
printf("\rx %6.1f y %6.1f tth %6.1f vel %7.1f mpacs %3d", myRobot->getX(),
// see if one of the buttons is pushed, if so drive
if (myJoyHandler.haveJoystick() && (myJoyHandler.getButton(1) ||
// get the readings from the joystick
myJoyHandler.getAdjusted(&rot, &trans);
// set what we want to do
// return the actionDesired
return &myDesired;
// set what we want to do
// return the actionDesired
return &myDesired;
int main(int argc, char **argv)
ArRobot robot;
ArSimpleConnector connector(&argc, argv);
if (!connector.parseArgs() || argc > 1)
return 1;
// Instance of the JoydriveAction class defined above
JoydriveAction jdAct;
// if the joydrive action couldn't find the joystick, then exit.
if (!jdAct.joystickInited())
printf("Do not have a joystick, set up the joystick then rerun the program\n\n");
return 1;
// Connect to the robot
if (!connector.connectRobot(&robot))
printf("Could not connect to robot... exiting\n");
return 2;
// disable sonar, enable motors, disable amigobot sound
// add the action
robot.addAction(&jdAct, 100);
// run the robot, true so it'll exit if we lose connection;
// now exit program
return 0;