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ArGlobalFunctor Class Reference

Functor for a global function with no parameters. More...

#include <ArFunctor.h>

Inherits ArFunctor.

Public Member Functions

 ArGlobalFunctor ()
 ArGlobalFunctor (void(*func)(void))
 Constructor - supply function pointer. More...
virtual void invoke (void)
 Invokes the functor.
virtual ~ArGlobalFunctor ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ArFunctor
virtual const char * getName (void)
 Gets the name of the functor.
virtual void setName (const char *name)
 Sets the name of the functor.
virtual void setNameVar (const char *name,...)
 Sets the name of the functor with formatting. More...
virtual ~ArFunctor ()

Protected Attributes

void(* myFunc )(void)
- Protected Attributes inherited from ArFunctor
std::string myName

Detailed Description

Functor for a global function with no parameters.

This is a class for global functions. This ties a C style function pointer into the functor class hierarchy as a convience. Code that has a reference to this class and treat it as an ArFunctor can use it like any other functor.

For an overall description of functors, see ArFunctor.

Java and Python Wrappers: Not available in Java or Python wrapper libraries.

actionGroupExample.cpp, functorExample.cpp, and soundsQueueExample.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ArGlobalFunctor()

ArGlobalFunctor::ArGlobalFunctor ( void(*)(void)  func)

Constructor - supply function pointer.

funcglobal function pointer

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