Aria  2.8.0
ArDaemonizer Class Reference

Switch to running the program as a background daemon (i.e. More...

#include <ariaUtil.h>

Public Member Functions

 ArDaemonizer (int *argc, char **argv, bool closeStdErrAndStdOut)
 Constructor that sets up for daemonizing if arg checking.
bool daemonize (void)
 Daemonizes if asked too by arguments.
bool forceDaemonize (void)
 Daemonizes always. More...
bool isDaemonized (void)
 Returns if we're daemonized or not.
void logOptions (void) const
 Logs the options.
 ~ArDaemonizer ()

Protected Attributes

bool myCloseStdErrAndStdOut
bool myIsDaemonized
ArConstFunctorC< ArDaemonizermyLogOptionsCB
ArArgumentParser myParser

Detailed Description

Switch to running the program as a background daemon (i.e.

fork) (Only available in Linux)

Java and Python Wrappers: Not available in Java or Python wrapper libraries.

Not available on Windows

Member Function Documentation

◆ forceDaemonize()

bool ArDaemonizer::forceDaemonize ( void  )

Daemonizes always.

This returns true if daemonizing worked, returns false if it didn't...

the parent process exits here if forking worked.

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