Aria  2.8.0
ArBatteryMTX Class Reference

#include <ArBatteryMTX.h>

Inherits ArASyncTask.

Public Types

enum  ErrorFlags {
enum  Headers { HEADER1 =0xfa, HEADER2 =0xba }
enum  StatusFlags {
- Public Types inherited from ArThread
typedef std::map< ThreadType, ArThread * > MapType
enum  Status {
typedef pthread_t ThreadType

Public Member Functions

void addBatteryPoweringOffCancelledCB (ArFunctor *functor, int position=51)
 Adds a callback for when the battery is powering off.
void addBatteryPoweringOffCB (ArFunctor *functor, int position=51)
 Adds a callback for when the battery is powering off.
void addDisconnectOnErrorCB (ArFunctor *functor, int position=51)
 Adds a callback for when disconnection happens because of an error.
 ArBatteryMTX (int batteryBoardNum=0, const char *name="MTXBattery", ArDeviceConnection *conn=NULL, ArRobot *robot=NULL)
virtual bool blockingConnect (bool sendTracking, bool recvTracking)
bool checkLostConnection (void)
 check for lost connections More...
virtual bool disconnect (void)
void disconnectOnError (void)
int getAsyncConnectState (void)
int getBoardNum (void)
int getCapacityEstimate (void) const
int getCellCapacity (int cellNum) const
int getCellCharge (int cellNum) const
int getCellFlag (int cellNum) const
double getCellImbalance (void) const
ArRobotPacket getCellPacket ()
double getCellVoltage (int cellNum) const
double getChargeCurrent (void) const
double getChargeEstimate (void) const
 Charge estimate (in percentage, 0-100)
int getChargeRemainingEstimate (void) const
ArRobot::ChargeState getChargeState (void) const
int getChargeStateAsInt (void) const
virtual double getConnectionTimeoutSeconds (void)
 Gets the number of seconds without a response until connection assumed lost.
double getCurrentDraw (void) const
 Current draw (amps, negative is charging)
long long getCurrentTime (void) const
int getCycleCount (void) const
const char * getDefaultPortType (void)
 Gets the default port type for the battery.
const char * getDefaultTcpPort (void)
 Gets the default port type for the battery.
double getDelay (void) const
ArDeviceConnectiongetDeviceConnection (void)
 Gets the device this instance receives packets from.
double getDisChargeCurrent (void) const
int getErrorFlags (void) const
int getFirmwareVersion (void) const
double getFuseVoltage (void) const
int getId (void) const
double getImbalanceQuality (void) const
long long getLastChargeTime (void) const
ArTime getLastReadingTime (void)
 Gets the time data was last receieved.
virtual const char * getName (void) const
int getNumCells (void) const
ArRobotPacketReceivergetPacketReceiver (void)
 Very Internal call that gets the packet sender, shouldn't be used.
ArRobotPacketSendergetPacketSender (void)
 Very Internal call that gets the packet sender, shouldn't be used.
double getPackVoltage (void) const
double getPaddleVolts (void) const
int getReadingCount (void)
 Gets the number of battery readings received in the last second.
double getReserveChargeValue (void) const
int getSerialNumber (void) const
int getStatusFlags (void) const
double getTemperature (void) const
double getVoltage (void) const
bool haveRequestedCellInfoPackets (void)
 See if we've requested packets.
bool haveRequestedSysInfoPackets (void)
 See if we've requested packets.
virtual void internalGotReading (void)
virtual bool isConnected (void)
virtual bool isTryingToConnect (void)
virtual int lockDevice ()
 Lock this device.
void log (ArLog::LogLevel level=ArLog::Normal)
void logBatteryInfo (ArLog::LogLevel level=ArLog::Normal)
void logCellInfo (ArLog::LogLevel level=ArLog::Normal)
bool onCharger (void) const
void remBatteryPoweringOffCancelledCB (ArFunctor *functor)
 Removes a callback for when the battery is powering off.
void remBatteryPoweringOffCB (ArFunctor *functor)
 Removes a callback for when the battery is powering off.
void remDisconnectOnErrorCB (ArFunctor *functor)
 Removes a callback for when disconnection happens because of an error.
void requestContinuousCellInfoPackets (void)
 Request a continous stream of packets.
void requestContinuousSysInfoPackets (void)
 Request a continous stream of packets.
bool sendBasicInfo (unsigned char dataValue)
bool sendCellInfo (unsigned char dataValue)
bool sendEmergencyPowerOff ()
bool sendPowerOff ()
bool sendPowerOffCancel ()
bool sendResetCellData ()
bool sendSetBalanceValue (unsigned short hundredthOfPercent)
bool sendSetPowerOffDelay (unsigned int msDelay)
bool sendSetRealTimeClock (unsigned int secSinceEpoch)
bool sendSetReserveValue (unsigned short hundredthOfPercent)
bool sendStartCharging ()
bool sendStopCharging ()
bool sendSystemInfo (unsigned char dataValue)
virtual void setConnectionTimeoutSeconds (double seconds)
 Sets the numter of seconds without a response until connection assumed lost.
void setDeviceConnection (ArDeviceConnection *conn)
 Sets the device this instance receives packets from.
void setInfoLogLevel (ArLog::LogLevel infoLogLevel)
virtual void setRobot (ArRobot *robot)
 Sets the robot pointer, also attaches its process function to the robot as a Sensor Interpretation task. More...
void stopCellInfoPackets (void)
 Stop the stream of packets.
void stopSysInfoPackets (void)
 Stop the stream of packets.
virtual int tryLockDevice ()
 Try to lock this device.
virtual int unlockDevice ()
 Unlock this device.
void updateBasicInfo (unsigned char *buf)
void updateCellInfo (unsigned char *buf)
void updateSystemInfo (unsigned char *buf)
virtual ~ArBatteryMTX ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ArASyncTask
 ArASyncTask ()
virtual int create (bool joinable=true, bool lowerPriority=true)
 Create the task and start it going.
virtual const char * getThreadActivity (void)
 Gets a string that describes what the thread is doing, or NULL if it doesn't know. More...
virtual void run (void)
 Run without creating a new thread. More...
virtual void runAsync (void)
 Run in its own thread.
virtual void * runInThisThread (void *arg=0)
 Internal function used with system threading system to run the new thread. More...
virtual void stopRunning (void)
 Stop the thread.
virtual ~ArASyncTask ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ArThread
 ArThread (bool blockAllSignals=true)
 ArThread (ThreadType thread, bool joinable, bool blockAllSignals=true)
 Constructor - starts the thread.
 ArThread (ArFunctor *func, bool joinable=true, bool blockAllSignals=true)
 Constructor - starts the thread.
virtual void cancel (void)
 Cancel the thread.
virtual int detach (void)
 Detatch the thread so it cant be joined.
bool getBlockAllSignals (void)
 Do we block all process signals at startup?
virtual ArFunctorgetFunc (void) const
 Get the functor that the thread runs.
virtual bool getJoinable (void) const
 Get the joinable status of the thread.
virtual ThreadType getOSThread (void) const
 Get the underlying os thread type.
pid_t getPID (void)
virtual bool getRunning (void) const
 Get the running status of the thread.
virtual bool getRunningWithLock (void)
 Get the running status of the thread, locking around the variable.
virtual const ThreadType * getThread (void) const
 Get the underlying thread type.
virtual const char * getThreadName (void)
 Gets the name of the thread.
pid_t getTID (void)
virtual bool isThreadFinished () const
 Returns whether the thread has been completed and can be deleted. More...
virtual bool isThreadStarted () const
 Returns whether the thread has been started. More...
virtual int join (void **ret=NULL)
 Join on the thread.
int lock (void)
 Lock the thread instance. More...
virtual void logThreadInfo (void)
 Logs the information about this thread.
virtual void setRunning (bool running)
 Set the running value on the thread.
virtual void setThreadName (const char *name)
 Sets the name of the thread.
virtual void threadFinished (void)
 Marks the thread as finished and logs useful debugging information. More...
virtual void threadStarted (void)
 Marks the thread as started and logs useful debugging information. More...
int tryLock (void)
 Try to lock the thread instance without blocking. More...
int unlock (void)
 Unlock the thread instance. More...
virtual ~ArThread ()

Protected Types

enum  CellFlags { BALANCER_IS_ON =0x01, OVER_VOLTAGE =0x02, UNDER_VOLTAGE =0x04 }
enum  Commands {
enum  Data { STOP_SENDING =0x00, SEND_ONCE =0x01, SEND_CONTINUOUS =0x02 }

Protected Member Functions

virtual void batterySetName (const char *name)
void checkAndSetCurrentErrors (ErrorFlags errorFlag, const char *errorString)
void clear (void)
void failedToConnect (void)
bool getBasicInfo ()
bool getCellInfo ()
bool getSystemInfo ()
void interpBasicInfo (void)
void interpErrors (void)
virtual void * runThread (void *arg)
void sensorInterp (void)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ArThread
virtual int doJoin (void **ret=NULL)

Protected Attributes

ArRetFunctorC< bool, ArBatteryMTXmyAriaExitCB
int myAsyncConnectState
ArCallbackList myBatteryPoweringOffCancelledCBList
ArCallbackList myBatteryPoweringOffCBList
int myBoardNum
unsigned int myCapacityEstimate
double myCellImbalance
std::map< int, CellInfo * > myCellNumToInfoMap
ArRobotPacket myCellPacket
double myChargeCurrent
double myChargeEstimate
unsigned int myChargeRemainingEstimate
ArRobot::ChargeState myChargeState
double myCurrentDraw
long long myCurrentTime
unsigned int myCycleCount
ArMutex myDataMutex
std::string myDefaultPortType
std::string myDefaultTcpPort
double myDelay
ArMutex myDeviceMutex
double myDisChargeCurrent
ArCallbackList myDisconnectOnErrorCBList
int myErrorCount
unsigned short myErrorFlags
std::string myErrorString
unsigned char myFirmwareVersion
bool myFirstErrorFlagsCheck
double myFuseVoltage
bool myHaveSetRTC
unsigned char myId
double myImbalanceQuality
ArLog::LogLevel myInfoLogLevel
bool myIsConnected
long long myLastChargeTime
int myLastErrorCount
unsigned short myLastErrorFlags
std::string myLastErrorString
ArTime myLastReading
int myLastStatusFlags
ArLog::LogLevel myLogLevel
std::string myName
unsigned char myNumCells
bool myOnCharger
std::list< ArRobotPacket * > myPackets
ArMutex myPacketsMutex
double myPackVoltage
double myPaddleVolts
ArTime myPrevBatteryIntTime
ArFunctorC< ArBatteryMTXmyProcessCB
unsigned short myRawCellImbalance
unsigned short myRawChargeCurrent
unsigned short myRawChargeEstimate
unsigned short myRawCurrentDraw
unsigned int myRawDelay
unsigned short myRawDisChargeCurrent
unsigned short myRawFuseVoltage
unsigned short myRawImbalanceQuality
unsigned short myRawPackVoltage
unsigned short myRawPaddleVolts
unsigned short myRawReserveChargeValue
unsigned short myRawTemperature
unsigned short myRawVoltage
int myReadingCount
int myReadingCurrentCount
bool myRecvTracking
bool myRequestedCellInfoBatteryPackets
bool myRequestedSysInfoBatteryPackets
double myReserveChargeValue
bool myRobotRunningAndConnected
bool mySendTracking
ArFunctorC< ArBatteryMTXmySensorInterpTask
unsigned int mySerialNumber
bool myStartConnect
unsigned short myStatusFlags
double myTemperature
time_t myTimeLastReading
double myTimeoutSeconds
bool myTryingToConnect
unsigned char myVersion
double myVoltage
- Protected Attributes inherited from ArThread
bool myBlockAllSignals
bool myFinished
bool myJoinable
ArMutex myMutex
std::string myName
pid_t myPID
bool myRunning
 State variable to denote when the thread should continue or exit.
bool myStarted
ArStrMap myStrMap
ThreadType myThread
pid_t myTID

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ArThread
static void cancelAll (void)
 Cancel all threads.
static ArLog::LogLevel getLogLevel (void)
 Gets the logging level for thread information.
static ThreadType getThisOSThread (void)
 Get the underlying os thread type of this thread.
static const ThreadType * getThisThread (void)
 Get the underlying thread type of this thread.
static const char * getThisThreadName (void)
 Gets the name of the this thread.
static void init (void)
 Initialize the internal book keeping structures. More...
static void joinAll (void)
 Join on all threads.
static ThreadType osSelf (void)
 Returns the os self of the current thread. More...
static ArThreadself (void)
 Returns the instance of your own thread (the current one) More...
static void setLogLevel (ArLog::LogLevel level)
 Sets the logging level for thread information.
static void shutdown ()
 Shuts down and deletes the last remaining thread; call after joinAll.
static void stopAll ()
 Stop all threads.
static void yieldProcessor (void)
 Yield the processor to another thread.
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from ArThread
static void addThreadToMap (ThreadType pt, ArThread *at)
static ArThreadfindThreadInMap (ThreadType t)
static void removeThreadFromMap (ThreadType t)
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from ArThread
static ArLog::LogLevel ourLogLevel = ArLog::Verbose
static MapType ourThreads
static ArMutex ourThreadsMutex
static std::string ourUnknownThreadName = "unknown"

Detailed Description


Member Function Documentation

◆ checkLostConnection()

bool ArBatteryMTX::checkLostConnection ( void  )

check for lost connections

This will check if the battery has lost connection.

If there is no robot it is a straightforward check of last reading time against getConnectionTimeoutSeconds. If there is a robot then it will not start the check until the battery is running and connected.

◆ setRobot()

void ArBatteryMTX::setRobot ( ArRobot robot)

Sets the robot pointer, also attaches its process function to the robot as a Sensor Interpretation task.

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