Aria  2.8.0
ArArg Member List

This is the complete list of members for ArArg, including all inherited members.

ArArg(const char *name, int *pointer, const char *description="", int minInt=INT_MIN, int maxInt=INT_MAX)ArArg
ArArg(const char *name, double *pointer, const char *description="", double minDouble=-HUGE_VAL, double maxDouble=HUGE_VAL)ArArg
ArArg(const char *name, bool *pointer, const char *description="")ArArg
ArArg(const char *name, ArPose *pointer, const char *description="")ArArg
ArArg(const char *name, char *pointer, const char *description, size_t maxStrLen)ArArg
ArArg(const char *name, ArRetFunctor1< bool, ArArgumentBuilder *> *setFunctor, ArRetFunctor< const std::list< ArArgumentBuilder *> *> *getFunctor, const char *description)ArArg
ArArg(const char *description)ArArg
ArArg(const ArArg &arg)ArArg
BOOL enum valueArArg
DOUBLE enum valueArArg
FUNCTOR enum valueArArg
getArgsWithFunctor(void) constArArg
getBool(void) constArArg
getConfigPriority(void) constArArg
getConfigPrioritySet(void) constArArg
getDescription(void) constArArg
getDouble(void) constArArg
getInt(void) constArArg
getMaxDouble(void) constArArg
getMaxInt(void) constArArg
getMinDouble(void) constArArg
getMinInt(void) constArArg
getName(void) constArArg
getPose(void) constArArg
getString(void) constArArg
getType(void) constArArg
INT enum valueArArg
INVALID enum valueArArg
LAST_TYPE enum valueArArg
log(void) constArArg
myBoolPointer (defined in ArArg)ArArgprotected
myConfigPriority (defined in ArArg)ArArgprotected
myConfigPrioritySet (defined in ArArg)ArArgprotected
myDescription (defined in ArArg)ArArgprotected
myDoublePointer (defined in ArArg)ArArgprotected
myGetFunctor (defined in ArArg)ArArgprotected
myIntPointer (defined in ArArg)ArArgprotected
myMaxDouble (defined in ArArg)ArArgprotected
myMaxInt (defined in ArArg)ArArgprotected
myMaxStrLen (defined in ArArg)ArArgprotected
myMinDouble (defined in ArArg)ArArgprotected
myMinInt (defined in ArArg)ArArgprotected
myName (defined in ArArg)ArArgprotected
myPosePointer (defined in ArArg)ArArgprotected
mySetFunctor (defined in ArArg)ArArgprotected
myStringPointer (defined in ArArg)ArArgprotected
myType (defined in ArArg)ArArgprotected
operator=(const ArArg &arg)ArArg
POSE enum valueArArg
setArgWithFunctor(ArArgumentBuilder *argument)ArArg
setBool(bool val)ArArg
setConfigPriority(ArPriority::Priority priority)ArArg
setDouble(double val)ArArg
setInt(int val)ArArg
setPose(ArPose pose)ArArg
setString(const char *str)ArArg
STRING enum valueArArg
Type enum nameArArg
TYPE_COUNT enum valueArArg