Aria  2.8.0
ArActionMovementParameters Class Reference

This is a class for setting max velocities and accels and decels via ArConfig parameters (see addToConfig()) or manually (using setParameters()) More...

#include <ArActionMovementParameters.h>

Inherits ArAction.

Public Member Functions

void addToConfig (ArConfig *config, const char *section, const char *prefix=NULL)
 Adds to the ArConfig given, in section, with prefix.
 ArActionMovementParameters (const char *name="MovementParameters", bool overrideFaster=true, bool addLatVelIfAvailable=true)
 Constructor. More...
void disable (void)
 Disables this action (separate from deactivating it)
void enable (void)
 Enables this action (separate from activating it)
void enableOnceFromSector (ArMapObject *mapObject)
 Enables this action in a way that'll work from the sector callbacks.
virtual ArActionDesiredfire (ArActionDesired currentDesired)
virtual ArActionDesiredgetDesired (void)
virtual const ArActionDesiredgetDesired (void) const
bool isEnabled (void)
 Sees if this action is enabled (separate from activating it)
void setParameters (double maxVel=0, double maxNegVel=0, double transAccel=0, double transDecel=0, double rotVelMax=0, double rotAccel=0, double rotDecel=0, double latVelMax=0, double latAccel=0, double latDecel=0)
 Sets the parameters (don't use this if you're using the addToConfig)
virtual ~ArActionMovementParameters ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ArAction
virtual void activate (void)
 Activate the action.
 ArAction (const char *name, const char *description="")
virtual void deactivate (void)
 Deactivate the action.
virtual const ArArggetArg (int number) const
 Gets the numbered argument. More...
virtual ArArggetArg (int number)
 Gets the numbered argument.
virtual const char * getDescription (void) const
 Gets the long description of the action.
virtual const char * getName (void) const
 Gets the name of the action.
virtual int getNumArgs (void) const
 Find the number of arguments this action takes.
ArRobotgetRobot () const
 Get the robot we are controlling, which was set by setRobot()
virtual bool isActive (void) const
 Returns whether the action is active or not.
virtual void log (bool verbose=true) const
 Log information about this action using ArLog.
virtual void setRobot (ArRobot *robot)
 Sets the robot this action is driving. More...
virtual ~ArAction ()

Protected Attributes

bool myAddLatVelIfAvailable
ArActionDesired myDesired
bool myEnabled
bool myEnableOnce
double myLatAccel
double myLatDecel
double myMaxLatVel
double myMaxNegVel
double myMaxRotVel
double myMaxVel
bool myOverrideFaster
double myRotAccel
double myRotDecel
double myTransAccel
double myTransDecel
- Protected Attributes inherited from ArAction
std::map< int, ArArgmyArgumentMap
std::string myDescription
bool myIsActive
std::string myName
int myNumArgs
 The robot we are controlling, set by the action resolver using setRobot()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ArAction
static bool getDefaultActivationState (void)
 Gets the default activation state for all ArActions.
static void setDefaultActivationState (bool defaultActivationState)
 Sets the default activation state for all ArActions.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ArAction
void setNextArgument (ArArg const &arg)
 Sets the argument type for the next argument (must only be used in a constructor!)
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from ArAction
static bool ourDefaultActivationState = true

Detailed Description

This is a class for setting max velocities and accels and decels via ArConfig parameters (see addToConfig()) or manually (using setParameters())

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ArActionMovementParameters()

ArActionMovementParameters::ArActionMovementParameters ( const char *  name = "MovementParameters",
bool  overrideFaster = true,
bool  addLatVelIfAvailable = true 


namethe name of this instance of the action
overrideFasterif this is set to true and a fast max vel is set and our max vel is lower we'll set the vel with all our strength (since hopefully that faster setting was set with minimum strength)
addLatVelIfAvailableIf true, include the LatVel parameters in the ArConfig if the robot supports lateral motion.

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