Aria  2.8.0
ArActionGroupColorFollow Class Reference

Follows a blob of color. More...

#include <ArActionGroups.h>

Inherits ArActionGroup.

Public Member Functions

 ArActionGroupColorFollow (ArRobot *robot, ArACTS_1_2 *acts, ArPTZ *camera)
bool getAcquire ()
bool getBlob ()
int getChannel ()
bool getMovement ()
void setAcquire (bool acquire)
void setCamera (ArPTZ *camera)
void setChannel (int channel)
void startMovement ()
void stopMovement ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ArActionGroup
virtual void activate (void)
 Activates all the actions in this group.
virtual void activateExclusive (void)
 Activates all the actions in this group and deactivates all others.
virtual void addAction (ArAction *action, int priority)
 Adds an action to this group's robot, and associates the action with this group. More...
 ArActionGroup (ArRobot *robot)
 Constructor. More...
virtual void deactivate (void)
 Deactivates all the actions in this group.
virtual void deleteActions (void)
 Delets all the actions in this group (doesn't delete them right now)
virtual std::list< ArAction * > * getActionList (void)
 Gets the action list (use this to delete actions after doing removeActions)
virtual void remAction (ArAction *action)
 Removes the action from this group's robot and dissasociates it from this group. More...
virtual void removeActions (void)
 Removes all the actions in this group from the robot.
virtual ~ArActionGroup ()
 Destructor, it also deletes the actions in its group.

Protected Attributes

- Protected Attributes inherited from ArActionGroup
std::list< ArAction * > myActions

Detailed Description

Follows a blob of color.

This class has the robot follow a blob of color... Note that you the predefined ArActionGroups in ARIA are made only to be used exclusively... only one can be active at once.

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