Aria  2.8.0

Connects to the ACTS program, and uses an ArAction subclass to drive the robot towards the largest detected blob.

Adept MobileRobots Robotics Interface for Applications (ARIA)
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#include "Aria.h"
// Chase is an action that moves the robot toward the largest blob that
// appears in it's current field of view.
class Chase : public ArAction
// The state of the chase action
enum State {
NO_TARGET, // There is no target in view
TARGET, // This is a target in view
// Constructor
Chase(ArACTS_1_2 *acts, ArVCC4 *camera);
// Destructor
// The action
// Set the ACTS channel that we want to get blob info from
bool setChannel(int channel);
// Return the current state of this action
State getState(void) { return myState; }
// Height and width of pixels from frame-grabber
enum {
WIDTH = 160,
HEIGHT = 120
ArActionDesired myDesired;
ArACTS_1_2 *myActs;
ArVCC4 *myCamera;
ArTime myLastSeen;
State myState;
int myChannel;
int myMaxTime;
// Constructor: Initialize the chase action
Chase::Chase(ArACTS_1_2 *acts, ArVCC4 *camera) :
ArAction("Chase", "Chases the largest blob.")
myActs = acts;
myCamera = camera;
myChannel = 0;
myState = NO_TARGET;
myMaxTime = 1000;
// Destructor
Chase::~Chase(void) {}
// The chase action
ArActionDesired *Chase::fire(ArActionDesired currentDesired)
ArACTSBlob blob;
ArACTSBlob largestBlob;
bool flag = false;
int numberOfBlobs;
int blobArea = 10;
double xRel, yRel;
// Reset the desired action
numberOfBlobs = myActs->getNumBlobs(myChannel);
// If there are blobs to be seen, set the time to now
if(numberOfBlobs != 0)
for(int i = 0; i < numberOfBlobs; i++)
myActs->getBlob(myChannel, i + 1, &blob);
if(blob.getArea() > blobArea)
flag = true;
blobArea = blob.getArea();
largestBlob = blob;
// If we have not seen a blob in a while...
if (myLastSeen.mSecSince() > myMaxTime)
if(myState != NO_TARGET) ArLog::log(ArLog::Normal, "Target Lost");
myState = NO_TARGET;
// If we see a blob and haven't seen one before..
if(myState != TARGET) {
ArLog::log(ArLog::Normal, "Target Aquired");
ArLog::log(ArLog::Normal, "(Using channel %d with %d blobs)", myChannel, numberOfBlobs);
myState = TARGET;
if(myState == TARGET && flag == true)
// Determine where the largest blob's center of gravity
// is relative to the center of the camera
xRel = (double)(largestBlob.getXCG() - WIDTH/2.0) / (double)WIDTH;
yRel = (double)(largestBlob.getYCG() - HEIGHT/2.0) / (double)HEIGHT;
// Tilt the camera toward the blob
if(!(ArMath::fabs(yRel) < .20))
if (-yRel > 0)
// Set the heading and velocity for the robot
if (ArMath::fabs(xRel) < .10)
if (ArMath::fabs(-xRel * 10) <= 10)
myDesired.setDeltaHeading(-xRel * 10);
else if (-xRel > 0)
return &myDesired;
// If we have no target, then don't set any action and let lower priority
// actions (e.g. stop) control the robot.
return &myDesired;
// Set the channel that the blob info will be obtained from
bool Chase::setChannel(int channel)
if (channel >= 1 && channel <= ArACTS_1_2::NUM_CHANNELS)
myChannel = channel;
return true;
return false;
// Callback to enable/disable the keyboard driving action
void toggleAction(ArAction* action)
if(action->isActive()) {
ArLog::log(ArLog::Normal, "%s action is now deactivated.", action->getName());
else {
ArLog::log(ArLog::Normal, "%s action is now activated.", action->getName());
// Main function
int main(int argc, char** argv)
// The robot
ArRobot robot;
// A key handler to take input from keyboard
ArKeyHandler keyHandler;
// Sonar for basic obstacle avoidance
// The camera (Cannon VC-C4)
ArVCC4 vcc4 (&robot);
// ACTS, for tracking blobs of color
ArACTS_1_2 acts;
// command line arguments
ArArgumentParser argParser(&argc, argv);
// The simple way to connect to things (takes arguments from argParser)
ArSimpleConnector simpleConnector(&argParser);
// Parse the arguments
return 1;
// Robot motion limiter actions (if obstacles are detected by sonar)
ArActionLimiterForwards limiter("speed limiter near", 350, 800, 200);
ArActionLimiterForwards limiterFar("speed limiter far", 400, 1250, 300);
ArActionLimiterBackwards backwardsLimiter;
ArActionConstantVelocity stop("stop", 0);
//ArActionConstantVelocity backup("backup", -200);
// The color following action, defined above
Chase chase(&acts, &vcc4);
// Keyboard teleoperation action
ArActionKeydrive keydriveAction;
// Use the "a" key to activate/deactivate keydrive mode
keyHandler.addKeyHandler('a', new ArGlobalFunctor1<ArAction*>(&toggleAction, &keydriveAction));
// Let Aria know about the key handler
// Add the key handler to the robot
// Add the sonar to the robot
// Connect to the robot
if (!simpleConnector.connectRobot(&robot))
ArLog::log(ArLog::Terse, "Error: Could not connect to robot... exiting\n");
// Open a connection to ACTS
ArLog::log(ArLog::Terse, "Error: Could not connect to ACTS... exiting.");
// Initialize the camera
// Wait a second.....
// Artificially keep the robot from going too fast
// Enable the motors
// Turn off the amigobot sounds
// Wait....
// Add the actions to the robot in descending order of importance.
robot.addAction(&limiter, 7);
robot.addAction(&limiterFar, 6);
robot.addAction(&backwardsLimiter, 5);
robot.addAction(&keydriveAction, 4);
robot.addAction(&chase, 3);
robot.addAction(&stop, 1);
// Start with keydrive action disabled. Use the 'a' key to turn it on.
// Run the robot processing cycle until the connection is lost
ArLog::log(ArLog::Normal, "Running. Train ACTS to detect a color to drive towards an object, or use 'a' key to switch to keyboard driving mode.");;
return 0;