Aria  2.8.0

Example of using ArActionGroup objects to switch between two different kinds of behavior.This program creates two action groups, a teleoperation group and a wander group. Each group contains actions that together effect the desired behavior: in teleoperation mode, input actions allow the robot to be driven by keyboard or joystick, and higher-priority limiter actions help avoid obstacles. In wander mode, a constant-velocity action drives the robot forward, but higher-priority avoidance actions make the robot turn away from obstacles, or back up if an obstacle is hit or the motors stall. Keyboard commands (the T and W keys) are used to switch between the two modes, by activating the action group for the chosen mode.

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#include "Aria.h"
ArActionGroup *teleop;
ArActionGroup *wander;
// Activate the teleop action group. activateExlcusive() causes
// all other active action groups to be deactivated.
void teleopMode(void)
printf("\n== Teleoperation Mode ==\n");
printf(" Use the arrow keys to drive, and the spacebar to stop.\n For joystick control hold the trigger button.\n Press 'w' to switch to wander mode.\n Press escape to exit.\n");
// Activate the wander action group. activateExlcusive() causes
// all other active action groups to be deactivated.
void wanderMode(void)
printf("\n== Wander Mode ==\n");
printf(" The robot will now just wander around avoiding things.\n Press 't' to switch to teleop mode.\n Press escape to exit.\n");
int main(int argc, char** argv)
ArArgumentParser argParser(&argc, argv);
ArSimpleConnector con(&argParser);
ArRobot robot;
return 1;
/* - the action group for teleoperation actions: */
teleop = new ArActionGroup(&robot);
// don't hit any tables (if the robot has IR table sensors)
// limiter for close obstacles
teleop->addAction(new ArActionLimiterForwards("speed limiter near",
300, 600, 250), 95);
// limiter for far away obstacles
teleop->addAction(new ArActionLimiterForwards("speed limiter far",
300, 1100, 400), 90);
// limiter so we don't bump things backwards
// the joydrive action (drive from joystick)
ArActionJoydrive joydriveAct("joydrive", 400, 15);
teleop->addAction(&joydriveAct, 50);
// the keydrive action (drive from keyboard)
teleop->addAction(new ArActionKeydrive, 45);
/* - the action group for wander actions: */
wander = new ArActionGroup(&robot);
// if we're stalled we want to back up and recover
wander->addAction(new ArActionStallRecover, 100);
// react to bumpers
wander->addAction(new ArActionBumpers, 75);
// turn to avoid things closer to us
wander->addAction(new ArActionAvoidFront("Avoid Front Near", 225, 0), 50);
// turn avoid things further away
wander->addAction(new ArActionAvoidFront, 45);
// keep moving
wander->addAction(new ArActionConstantVelocity("Constant Velocity", 400), 25);
/* - use key commands to switch modes, and use keyboard
* and joystick as inputs for teleoperation actions. */
// create key handler if Aria does not already have one
if (keyHandler == NULL)
keyHandler = new ArKeyHandler;
// set the callbacks
ArGlobalFunctor teleopCB(&teleopMode);
ArGlobalFunctor wanderCB(&wanderMode);
keyHandler->addKeyHandler('w', &wanderCB);
keyHandler->addKeyHandler('W', &wanderCB);
keyHandler->addKeyHandler('t', &teleopCB);
keyHandler->addKeyHandler('T', &teleopCB);
// if we don't have a joystick, let 'em know
if (!joydriveAct.joystickInited())
printf("Note: Do not have a joystick, only the arrow keys on the keyboard will work.\n");
// set the joystick so it won't do anything if the button isn't pressed
/* - connect to the robot, then enter teleoperation mode. */
ArLog::log(ArLog::Terse, "actionGroupExample: Could not connect to the robot.");