Supports simple access to search engines. JavaHelp supports a standard full-text search view and navigator. The view interacts with a search engine through this package. The reference implementation provides a search engine that implements these interfaces, but others can also be used--the specific search engine is part of the information specified in the search view. This separation provides full-text search functionality while not imposing specific formats. These details are encapsulated in a search engine type.

HelpSearch is an abstract base class for the search engines, SearchQuery obtained from it can be used to perform the actual queries. Individual items found by a search are SearchItems which can be fired as HelpEvents.

The creation of search databases is done by subclasses of the abstract class IndexBuilder based on the MIME type of each document being indexed. Details of the index building process can be given through instances of ConfigFile.

Note: Registration of IndexerKits should probably be visible in this package.

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