4. Indexing with no Record IDs (Simple Indexing)

If you have a set of records that are not expected to change over time you may can build your database without record IDs. This indexing method uses less space than the other methods and is simple to use.

To use this method, you simply omit the recordId entry for the group of files that you index. To add a set of records you use zebraidx with the update command. The update command will always add all of the records that it encounters to the index - whether they have already been indexed or not. If the set of indexed files change, you should delete all of the index files, and build a new index from scratch.

Consider a system in which you have a group of text files called simple. That group of records should belong to a Z39.50 database called textbase. The following zebra.cfg file will suffice:

     profilePath: /usr/local/idzebra/tab
     attset: bib1.att
     simple.recordType: text
     simple.database: textbase

Since the existing records in an index can not be addressed by their IDs, it is impossible to delete or modify records when using this method.