4. Upgrading from Zebra version 1.3.x

Zebra's installation directories have changed a bit. In addition, the new loadable modules must be defined in the master zebra.cfg configuration file. The old version 1.3.x configuration options

     # profilePath - where to look for config files
     profilePath: some/local/path:/usr/share/idzebra/tab

must be changed to

     # profilePath - where to look for config files
     profilePath: some/local/path:/usr/share/idzebra-2.0/tab

     # modulePath - where to look for loadable zebra modules
     modulePath: /usr/lib/idzebra-2.0/modules


The internal binary register structures have changed; all Zebra databases must be re-indexed after upgrade.

The attribute set definition files may no longer contain redirection to other fields. For example the following snippet of a custom custom/bib1.att BIB-1 attribute set definition file is no longer supported:

     att 1016            Any 		1016,4,1005,62

and should be changed to

     att 1016            Any

Similar behaviour can be expressed in the new release by defining a new index Any:w in all GRS-1 *.abs record indexing configuration files. The above example configuration needs to make the changes from version 1.3.x indexing instructions

     xelm /*/alternative  Body-of-text:w,Title:s,Title:w
     xelm /*/title        Body-of-text:w,Title:s,Title:w

to version 2.0.0 indexing instructions

     xelm /*/alternative  Any:w,Body-of-text:w,Title:s,Title:w
     xelm /*/title        Any:w,Body-of-text:w,Title:s,Title:w

It is also possible to map the numerical attribute value @attr 1=1016 onto another already existing huge index, in this example, one could for example use the mapping

     att 1016            Body-of-text

with equivalent outcome without editing all GRS-1 *.abs record indexing configuration files.

Server installations which use the special IDXPATH attribute set must add the following line to the zebra.cfg configuration file:

     attset: idxpath.att