Dave Beckett

Manual for Flickcurl 1.26

This documentation is Free Software / Open Source - you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same licenses as Flickcurl. It is licensed under the following three licenses as alternatives:

  1. GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) V2.1 or any newer version

  2. GNU General Public License (GPL) V2 or any newer version

  3. Apache License, V2.0 or any newer version

You may not use this documentation except in compliance with at least one of the above three licenses. See the Flickcurl site for the full license terms.

Flickcurl Overview
Core — Core library functions
General — General functions.
Authenticating Flickcurl for OAuth
Build Flickcurl library and flickcurl(1) utility
Register application to get Client Key and Client Secret
Getting Authentication Token from Client Key and Client Secret
Use Flickcurl
Upgrading from legacy Flickr authentication
Authenticating Flickcurl for Legacy Flickr Authentication
Build Flickcurl library and flickcurl(1) utility
Register application to get API Key and Shared Secret
Getting Authentication Token from API Key and Secret
Use flickcurl
Searching for Photos with Flickcurl
Search parameters
Result paging parameters
Extra result fields
Search result format
Run the search for photos
Handling a photos search result
Photos search example
Activity — Activity on notes and comments
Authentication — Authentication of web service requests
Blogs — Posting photos to blogs
Categories — Categories of groups
Comments — Photo comments
Flickr Commons — Flickr Commons and institutions
Collections — Collections of photos or sets.
Config — Configuration files
Contacts — A contact of a user.
Contexts — Photo contexts
EXIF — EXIF photo metadata.
Favorites — Favorite photos.
Galleries — Galleries of photos.
Groups — Groups of users.
Machine tag — Machine tags.
Miscellaneous — Miscellaneous functions.
Notes. — Photo notes.
Panda photos — Photos selected by Pandas.
People — Photos taken by people APIs.
Person class. — Person class.
Photo — Photo.
Photos containing people. — Photos containing people.
Photos List — Photos List.
Photoset — Set of Photos.
Place — Places in the real world.
Preferences — User preferences
Reflection — Flickr introspection API.
Serializer — Serialize a photo to RDF Triples.
Statistics. — Statistics.
Tags — Photo tagging.
Test — Test functions.
Uploading — Uploading APIs and Asynchronous upload tickets.
URLs — Support functions to get URLs.
Video — Video.