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!’ output format: Context

+-’ output format: Unified Format

<’ output format: Normal
<<<<<<<’ for marking conflicts: Marking Conflicts

_POSIX2_VERSION: Standards conformance

ad capability: diff Options
aligning tab stops: Tabs
alternate file names: Alternate Names
always color option: diff Options
auto color option: diff Options

backup file names: Backup Names
backup file strategy: Backups
binary file diff: Binary
blank and tab difference suppression: White Space
blank line difference suppression: Blank Lines
brief difference reports: Brief
bug reports: Bugs

C function headings: C Function Headings
C if-then-else output format: If-then-else
case difference suppression: Case Folding
ClearCase: Revision Control
cmp invocation: Invoking cmp
cmp options: cmp Options
color, distinguishing different context: diff Options
columnar output: Side by Side
common mistakes with patches: Avoiding Common Mistakes
comparing three files: Comparing Three Files
conflict: diff3 Merging
conflict marking: Marking Conflicts
context output format: Context
creating files: Creating and Removing

de capability: diff Options
diagnostics from patch: patch Messages
diff invocation: Invoking diff
diff merging: Interactive Merging
diff options: diff Options
diff sample input: Sample diff Input
diff3 hunks: diff3 Hunks
diff3 invocation: Invoking diff3
diff3 options: diff3 Options
diff3 sample input: Sample diff3 Input
directories and patch: patch Directories
directory structure changes: Changing Structure
dry runs for patch: Dry Runs

ed script output format: ed Scripts
EDITOR: Merge Commands
empty files, removing: Creating and Removing
exabyte, definition of: cmp Options
exbibyte, definition of: cmp Options

file name alternates: Alternate Names
file names with unusual characters: Unusual File Names
format of diff output: Output Formats
format of diff3 output: Comparing Three Files
formats for if-then-else line groups: Line Group Formats
forward ed script output format: Forward ed
full lines: Incomplete Lines
function headings, C: C Function Headings
fuzz factor when patching: Inexact

gibibyte, definition of: cmp Options
gigabyte, definition of: cmp Options

hd capability: diff Options
headings: Sections
hunks: Hunks
hunks for diff3: diff3 Hunks

if-then-else output format: If-then-else
ifdef output format: If-then-else
imperfect patch application: Imperfect
incomplete line merging: Merging Incomplete Lines
incomplete lines: Incomplete Lines
inexact patches: Inexact
inhibit messages from patch: More or Fewer Messages
interactive merging: Interactive Merging
introduction: Comparison
intuiting file names from patches: Multiple Patches
invoking cmp: Invoking cmp
invoking diff: Invoking diff
invoking diff3: Invoking diff3
invoking patch: Invoking patch
invoking sdiff: Invoking sdiff

keyboard input to patch: patch and Keyboard Input
kibibyte, definition of: cmp Options
kilobyte, definition of: cmp Options

LC_COLLATE: Comparing Directories
LC_NUMERIC: Line Group Formats
LC_TIME: Detailed Context
line formats: Line Formats
line group formats: Line Group Formats
ln capability: diff Options

mebibyte, definition of: cmp Options
megabyte, definition of: cmp Options
merge commands: Merge Commands
merged diff3 format: Bypassing ed
merged output format: If-then-else
merging from a common ancestor: diff3 Merging
merging interactively: Merge Commands
messages from patch: patch Messages
multibyte characters: Internationalization
multiple patches: Multiple Patches

newline treatment by diff: Incomplete Lines
none color option: diff Options
normal output format: Normal

options for cmp: cmp Options
options for diff: diff Options
options for diff3: diff3 Options
options for patch: patch Options
options for sdiff: sdiff Options
output formats: Output Formats
overlap: diff3 Merging
overlapping change, selection of: Which Changes
overview of diff and patch: Overview

paginating diff output: Pagination
patch consumer tips: Tips for Patch Consumers
patch input format: patch Input
patch invocation: Invoking patch
patch messages and questions: patch Messages
patch options: patch Options
patch producer tips: Tips for Patch Producers
patch, common mistakes: Avoiding Common Mistakes
patches, shrinking: Generating Smaller Patches
patching directories: patch Directories
PATCH_GET: Revision Control
pebibyte, definition of: cmp Options
performance of diff: diff Performance
petabyte, definition of: cmp Options
POSIX: patch and POSIX
POSIX: Standards conformance
POSIXLY_CORRECT: Standards conformance
projects for directories: Shortcomings

quoting style: patch Quoting Style
QUOTING_STYLE: patch Quoting Style

RCS: Revision Control
RCS script output format: RCS
regular expression matching headings: Specified Headings
regular expression suppression: Specified Lines
reject file names: Reject Names
removing empty files: Creating and Removing
reporting bugs: Bugs
reversed patches: Reversed Patches
revision control: Revision Control

sample input for diff: Sample diff Input
sample input for diff3: Sample diff3 Input
SCCS: Revision Control
script output formats: Scripts
sdiff invocation: Invoking sdiff
sdiff options: sdiff Options
sdiff output format: sdiff Option Summary
section headings: Sections
side by side: Side by Side
side by side format: Side by Side Format
special files: Special Files
specified headings: Specified Headings
summarizing which files differ: Brief
System V diff3 compatibility: Saving the Changed File

tab and blank difference suppression: White Space
tab stop alignment: Tabs
tebibyte, definition of: cmp Options
terabyte, definition of: cmp Options
terminal, using color iff: diff Options
testing patch: Dry Runs
text versus binary diff: Binary
timestamp format, context diffs: Detailed Context
timestamp format, unified diffs: Detailed Unified
timestamps on patched files: Patching Timestamps
traditional patch: patch and Tradition
trailing blanks: Trailing Blanks
two-column output: Side by Side

unified output format: Unified Format
unmerged change: Which Changes

varying-width characters: Internationalization
verbose messages from patch: More or Fewer Messages
version control: Revision Control
VERSION_CONTROL: Revision Control

white space in patches: Changed White Space

yottabyte, definition of: cmp Options

zettabyte, definition of: cmp Options

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