Class ParameterlessDatatypeBuilder

Implemented Interfaces:

public final class ParameterlessDatatypeBuilder
extends Object
implements DatatypeBuilder

Dummy implementation of DatatypeBuilder. This implementation can be used for Datatypes which have no parameters. Any attempt to add parameters will be rejected.

Typical usage would be:

 class MyDatatypeLibrary implements DatatypeLibrary {
     DatatypeBuilder createDatatypeBuilder( String typeName ) {
         return new ParameterleessDatatypeBuilder(createDatatype(typeName));

Constructor Summary

ParameterlessDatatypeBuilder(Datatype baseType)

Method Summary

addParameter(String name, String strValue, ValidationContext context)
Adds a new parameter.
Derives a new Datatype from a Datatype by parameters that were already set through the addParameter method.

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Constructor Details


public ParameterlessDatatypeBuilder(Datatype baseType)

Method Details


public void addParameter(String name,
                         String strValue,
                         ValidationContext context)
            throws DatatypeException
Adds a new parameter.
Specified by:
addParameter in interface DatatypeBuilder
name - The name of the parameter to be added.
strValue - The raw value of the parameter. Caller may not normalize this value because any white space is potentially significant.
context - The context information which can be used by the callee to acquire additional information. This context object is valid only during this method call. The callee may not keep a reference to this object.
DatatypeException - When the given parameter is inappropriate for some reason. The callee is responsible to recover from this error. That is, the object should behave as if no such error was occured.


public Datatype createDatatype()
            throws DatatypeException
Derives a new Datatype from a Datatype by parameters that were already set through the addParameter method.
Specified by:
createDatatype in interface DatatypeBuilder
DatatypeException - DatatypeException must be thrown if the derivation is somehow invalid. For example, a required parameter is missing, etc. The exception should contain a diagnosis message if possible.