Package org.omg.CosNaming.NamingContextPackage

Class Summary

AlreadyBoundHelper The helper operations for the AlreadyBound user exception.
AlreadyBoundHolder The holder for class AlreadyBound exception.
CannotProceedHelper The helper operations for CannotProceed.
CannotProceedHolder The holder for exception CannotProceed.
InvalidNameHelper The helper operations for the InvalidName
InvalidNameHolder The holder for exception InvalidName.
NotEmptyHelper The helper operations for the NotEmpty.
NotEmptyHolder The holder for exception NotEmpty.
NotFoundHelper The helper operations for NotFound.
NotFoundHolder The holder for the NotFound exception.
NotFoundReason Represents the reason (explanation), why the binding cannot be found.
NotFoundReasonHelper The helper operations for NotFoundReason
NotFoundReasonHolder The holder for class NotFoundReason.

Exception Summary

AlreadyBound The exception is thrown in response to bind the same object into the same context repeatedly under the different name.
CannotProceed The exception is raised when the naming service has given up for some reason.
InvalidName The exception is thrown if the name has the zero length or is otherwise invalid.
NotEmpty This exception is thrown in response to the attemt to destroy the non tempty context.
NotFound The exception is thrown when the binding being searched does not exist or has the wrong type