Interface Summary

EventFilter Simple filter interface for XML events.
Location Information about the location of an XML event within the underlying stream.
StreamFilter Simple filter interface for XMLStreamReaders.
XMLEventReader An XML parser.
XMLEventWriter Interface for writing XML documents from a series of events.
XMLReporter Interface used to report non-fatal errors during parsing.
XMLResolver Interface used to resolve XML external entities during parsing.
XMLStreamConstants STaX constants.
XMLStreamReader Interface implemented by an XML parser.
XMLStreamWriter Interface for writing XML to a stream.

Class Summary

XMLEventFactory Factory for XML events.
XMLInputFactory Factory for creating stream and event readers from various kinds of input source.
XMLOutputFactory Factory for obtaining XML stream and event writers for various kinds of output sink.

Exception Summary

XMLStreamException Exception indicating an XML stream processing error.

Error Summary

FactoryConfigurationError Error indicating that a factory could not be configured.