Package javax.swing.text

Interface Summary

AbstractDocument.AttributeContext Defines a set of methods for managing text attributes for one or more Documents.
AbstractDocument.Content A sequence of data that can be edited.
AttributeSet A set of attributes.
AttributeSet.CharacterAttribute Used as keys to identify character-run attributes.
AttributeSet.ColorAttribute Used as keys to identify color attributes.
AttributeSet.FontAttribute Used as keys to identify font attributes.
AttributeSet.ParagraphAttribute Used as keys to identify paragraph level attributes.
Caret Defines the method to be implemented by a caret that can be used in Swing text components.
Document A Document is the model that backs up all text components in Swing.
MutableAttributeSet An AttributeSet that supports modification of the stored attributes.
StyledDocument StyledDocument

Class Summary

AbstractDocument An abstract base implementation for the Document interface.
AbstractDocument.AbstractElement An abstract base implementation of the Element interface.
AbstractDocument.BranchElement An implementation of Element to represent composite Elements that contain other Elements.
AbstractDocument.DefaultDocumentEvent Stores the changes when a Document is beeing modified.
AbstractDocument.ElementEdit An implementation of DocumentEvent.ElementChange to be added to AbstractDocument.DefaultDocumentEvents.
AbstractDocument.LeafElement An implementation of Element that represents a leaf in the document structure.
AbstractWriter This is an abstract base class for writing Document instances to a Writer.
AsyncBoxView A View implementation that lays out its child views in a box, either vertically or horizontally.
AsyncBoxView.ChildLocator Manages the effective position of child views.
AsyncBoxView.ChildState Represents the layout state of a child view.
BoxView An implementation of CompositeView that arranges its children in a box along one axis.
ComponentView A View implementation that is able to render arbitrary Components.
CompositeView An abstract base implementation of View that manages child Views.
DateFormatter DateFormatter is an InternationalFormatter that implements value to string and string to value conversion via an instance of DateFormat.
DefaultCaret The default implementation of the Caret interface.
DefaultEditorKit The default implementation of EditorKit.
DefaultEditorKit.BeepAction Creates a beep on the PC speaker.
DefaultEditorKit.CopyAction Copies the selected content into the system clipboard.
DefaultEditorKit.CutAction Copies the selected content into the system clipboard and deletes the selection.
DefaultEditorKit.DefaultKeyTypedAction This action is executed as default action when a KEY_TYPED event is received and no keymap entry exists for that.
DefaultEditorKit.InsertBreakAction This action inserts a newline character into the document of the text component.
DefaultEditorKit.InsertContentAction Places content into the associated editor.
DefaultEditorKit.InsertTabAction Inserts a TAB character into the text editor.
DefaultEditorKit.PasteAction Copies content from the system clipboard into the editor.
DefaultFormatter The DefaultFormatter is a concrete formatter for use in JFormattedTextFields.
DefaultFormatterFactory This class is Swing's only concrete implementation of JFormattedTextField.AbstractFormatterFactory.
DefaultHighlighter The default highlight for Swing text components.
DefaultStyledDocument The default implementation of StyledDocument.
DefaultStyledDocument.AttributeUndoableEdit An UndoableEdit that can undo attribute changes to an element.
DefaultStyledDocument.ElementBuffer Performs all structural changes to the Element hierarchy.
DefaultStyledDocument.ElementSpec Carries specification information for new Elements that should be created in DefaultStyledDocument.ElementBuffer.
DefaultStyledDocument.SectionElement An element type for sections.
DefaultTextUI This class is deprecated and should not be used anymore.
ElementIterator This class can be used to iterate over the Element tree of a Document or an Element.
FlowView A View that can flows it's children into it's layout space.
FlowView.FlowStrategy A strategy for translating the logical views of a FlowView into the real views.
GapContent This implementation of AbstractDocument.Content uses a gapped buffer.
GlyphView Renders a run of styled text.
GlyphView.GlyphPainter An abstract base implementation for a glyph painter for GlyphView.
IconView A View that can render an icon.
InternationalFormatter This extends DefaultFormatter so that the value to string conversion is done via a Format object.
JTextComponent.AccessibleJTextComponent AccessibleJTextComponent implements accessibility hooks for JTextComponent.
LabelView A GlyphView that caches the textattributes for most effective rendering.
LayoutQueue This is a queue which holds Runnable objects.
NumberFormatter NumberFormatter is an InternationalFormatter that implements value to string and string to value conversion via an instance of NumberFormat.
ParagraphView A FlowView that flows it's children horizontally and boxes the rows vertically.
PlainDocument A simple document class which maps lines to Elements.
Segment A text fragment represented by a sequence of characters stored in an array.
SimpleAttributeSet A set of attributes.
StringContent An implementation of the AbstractDocument.Content interface useful for small documents or debugging.
StyleConstants Represents standard attribute keys.
StyleConstants.CharacterConstants A set of keys for attributes that apply to characters.
StyleConstants.ColorConstants A set of keys for attributes that relate to colors.
StyleConstants.FontConstants A set of keys for attributes that apply to fonts.
StyleConstants.ParagraphConstants A set of keys for attributes that apply to paragraphs.
StyledEditorKit An EditorKit that supports editing styled text.
StyledEditorKit.AlignmentAction Sets the alignment attribute on the selected text.
StyledEditorKit.BoldAction Toggles the bold attribute for the selected text.
StyledEditorKit.FontFamilyAction Sets the font family attribute on the selected text.
StyledEditorKit.FontSizeAction Sets the font size attribute on the selected text.
StyledEditorKit.ForegroundAction Sets the foreground color attribute on the selected text.
StyledEditorKit.ItalicAction Toggles the italic attribute for the selected text.
StyledEditorKit.StyledTextAction The abstract superclass of all styled TextActions.
StyledEditorKit.UnderlineAction Toggles the underline attribute for the selected text.
TableView A View implementation for rendering tables inside styled text.
TableView.TableCell This class is deprecated and not used anymore.
TableView.TableRow A view implementation that renders a row of a TableView.
TabSet A set of tab stops.
TabStop Represents a tab position in some text.
TextAction TextAction
Utilities A set of utilities to deal with text.
ZoneView A View implementation that delays loading of sub views until they are needed for display or internal transformations.

Exception Summary

BadLocationException Indicates that an invalid location within a Document has been accessed.
ChangedCharSetException The exception is thrown when the document charset is changed.