Package javax.swing.plaf.metal

Class Summary

DefaultMetalTheme The default theme for the MetalLookAndFeel.
MetalBorders A factory class that creates borders for the different Swing components.
MetalBorders.ButtonBorder A border used for JButton components.

This Border implementation can handle only instances of AbstractButton and their subclasses.

If the Metal Look and Feel's current theme is 'Ocean' the border will be painted with a special highlight when the mouse cursor if over the button (ie. the property rollover of the button's model is true) and is not a direct child of a JToolBar.

MetalBorders.Flush3DBorder A simple 3D border.
MetalBorders.InternalFrameBorder A border used for the JInternalFrame component.
MetalBorders.MenuBarBorder A border used for JMenuBar components.
MetalBorders.MenuItemBorder A border used for JMenu and JMenuItem components.
MetalBorders.OptionDialogBorder A border used for JInternalFrame components that are presented as dialogs (by the JOptionPane class).
MetalBorders.PaletteBorder A border used for a JInternalFrame when it is being used as a palette.
MetalBorders.PopupMenuBorder A border implementation for popup menus.
MetalBorders.RolloverButtonBorder A button border that is only visible when the mouse pointer is within the button's bounds.
MetalBorders.ScrollPaneBorder A border for JScrollPane components.
MetalBorders.TableHeaderBorder A border for table header cells.
MetalBorders.TextFieldBorder A border used for the JTextField component.
MetalBorders.ToggleButtonBorder A border used for the JToggleButton component.
MetalBorders.ToolBarBorder A border used for the JToolBar component.
MetalButtonUI A UI delegate for the JButton component.
MetalCheckBoxIcon An Icon used by the MetalCheckBoxUI class.
MetalCheckBoxUI A UI delegate for the JCheckBox component.
MetalComboBoxButton A button used by the MetalComboBoxUI class.
MetalComboBoxEditor An editor used by the MetalComboBoxUI class.
MetalComboBoxEditor.UIResource A subclass of MetalComboBoxEditor that implements the UIResource interface.
MetalComboBoxIcon An icon used by the MetalComboBoxUI class.
MetalComboBoxUI A UI delegate for the JComboBox component.
MetalComboBoxUI.MetalComboBoxLayoutManager A layout manager that arranges the editor component (if active) and the button that make up the combo box.
MetalComboBoxUI.MetalComboPopup A popup menu for the combo-box.
MetalComboBoxUI.MetalPropertyChangeListener A listener used to handle property changes in the JComboBox component, to ensure that the UI delegate accurately reflects the current state in the rendering onscreen.
MetalDesktopIconUI A UI delegate for the JInternalFrame.JDesktopIcon component.
MetalFileChooserUI A UI delegate for the JFileChooser component.
MetalFileChooserUI.DirectoryComboBoxAction Handles changes to the selection in the directory combo box.
MetalFileChooserUI.DirectoryComboBoxModel A combo box model containing the selected directory and all its parent directories.
MetalFileChooserUI.FileRenderer A renderer for the files and directories in the file chooser.
MetalFileChooserUI.FilterComboBoxModel A combo box model for the file selection filters.
MetalFileChooserUI.FilterComboBoxRenderer A renderer for the items in the file filter combo box.
MetalFileChooserUI.SingleClickListener A mouse listener for the JFileChooser.
MetalIconFactory Creates icons for the MetalLookAndFeel.
MetalIconFactory.FileIcon16 An icon representing a file (drawn as a piece of paper with the top-right corner turned down).
MetalIconFactory.FolderIcon16 An icon representing a folder.
MetalIconFactory.PaletteCloseIcon An icon used by the MetalInternalFrameUI class when the frame is displayed as a palette.
MetalIconFactory.TreeControlIcon A tree control icon.
MetalIconFactory.TreeFolderIcon A tree folder icon.
MetalIconFactory.TreeLeafIcon A tree leaf icon.
MetalInternalFrameTitlePane The title pane for a JInternalFrame (see MetalInternalFrameUI.createNorthPane(JInternalFrame)).
MetalInternalFrameUI A UI delegate for the JInternalFrame component.
MetalLabelUI A UI delegate for the JLabel component.
MetalLookAndFeel A custom look and feel that is designed to look similar across different operating systems.
MetalMenuBarUI A UI implementation for MenuBar in the Metal Look & Feel.
MetalPopupMenuSeparatorUI A UI delegate for the JPopupMenu.Separator component.
MetalProgressBarUI A UI delegate for the JProgressBar component.
MetalRadioButtonUI A UI delegate for the JRadioButton component.
MetalRootPaneUI A UI delegate for the JRootPane component.
MetalScrollBarUI A UI delegate for the JScrollBar component.
MetalScrollButton A button used by the MetalScrollBarUI.
MetalScrollPaneUI A UI delegate for the JScrollPane component.
MetalSeparatorUI A UI delegate for the JSeparator component.
MetalSliderUI A UI delegate for the JSlider component.
MetalSliderUI.MetalPropertyListener A property change handler that updates the rendered component in response to specific property change events.
MetalSplitPaneUI A UI delegate for the JSplitPane component.
MetalTabbedPaneUI A UI delegate for the JTabbedPane component.
MetalTabbedPaneUI.TabbedPaneLayout A LayoutManager responsible for placing all the tabs and the visible component inside the JTabbedPane.
MetalTextFieldUI A UI delegate for the JTextField component.
MetalTheme The base class for themes used by the MetalLookAndFeel.
MetalToggleButtonUI A UI delegate for the JToggleButton component.
MetalToolBarUI A UI delegate for the JToolBar component.
MetalToolBarUI.MetalContainerListener A listener (no longer used) that responds when components are added to or removed from the JToolBar.
MetalToolBarUI.MetalDockingListener This is the MouseHandler class that allows the user to drag the JToolBar in and out of the parent and dock it if it can.
MetalToolBarUI.MetalRolloverListener A listener (no longer used) that responds to property change events in a JToolBar component.
MetalToolTipUI A UI delegate for the JToolTip component.
MetalTreeUI A UI delegate for the JTree component.
OceanTheme A modern theme for the Metal Look & Feel.