Package javax.sound.sampled

Interface Summary

Clip A Clip represents some pre-loaded audio data.
DataLine The DataLine interface adds data-related functionality to the Line interface.
Line A Line represents a single input or output audio line.
LineListener This interface is used by classes which wish to be notified when the state of a Line changes.
Mixer A Mixer is a Line which itself holds multiple lines.
Port A Port is a Line which represents an audio device, for instance a microphone.
SourceDataLine This is a DataLine to which data may be written.
TargetDataLine This is a DataLine from which data may be read.

Class Summary

AudioFileFormat This describes an audio file, including information about its length, the format of the audio data, and other things.
AudioFileFormat.Type An instance of this type describes a standard audio file format.
AudioFormat This class describes an audio format, including its encoding, the number of channels, its frame rate, etc.
AudioFormat.Encoding This describes a given audio format encoding.
AudioInputStream This is an InputStream which is specialized for reading audio files.
AudioPermission This represents the permission to use an audio device.
AudioSystem This clas is the primary interface to the audio system.
BooleanControl A BooleanControl is a Control which has two states.
BooleanControl.Type A Type specialized to represent a boolean control.
CompoundControl A compound control provides control over several other controls.
CompoundControl.Type This describes a single compound control.
Control A control provides the ability to affect some attribute of a line, for instance its volume.
Control.Type This describes a single control.
DataLine.Info This class extends Line.Info with information specific to DataLine.
EnumControl An EnumControl is a Control which can take one of a specified set of values.
EnumControl.Type This Type describes an EnumControl.
FloatControl.Type An instance of this class describes a particular floating point control.
Line.Info An object of this type holds information about a Line.
LineEvent This class holds information about a state change of a Line.
LineEvent.Type This class represents the kinds of state changes that can occur to a Line.
Mixer.Info An Info object describes a mixer.
Port.Info This describes a single port.
ReverbType This represents a reverb effect which can be applied to an audio signal.

Exception Summary

UnsupportedAudioFileException An exception of this type is thrown when an operation is attempted on a file whose format is unrecognized.