Interface Summary

HandshakeCompletedListener An event listener that waits to be notified of HandshakeCompletedEvent objects created when handshake phase of the SSL protocol is completed for a particular connection.
HostnameVerifier The interface for classes that perform hostname verification for cases when the hostname used to begin the connection (such as in a URL) does not match the hostname used in the SSL handshake.
KeyManager A marker interface for objects that serve as key managers in SSL communications.
ManagerFactoryParameters A marker interface for classes that serve as key or trust manager parameters, used to initialize instances of KeyManagerFactory or TrustManagerFactory.
SSLSession An SSL session is a mechanism through which connections can be established by re-using previously negotiated handshakes.
SSLSessionBindingListener An event listener interface that should be notified when it is bound or unbound to a SSLSession.
SSLSessionContext A collection of saved SSL sessions, with thier corresponding session IDs.
TrustManager A marker interface for classes that establish the trust of remote hosts.
X509KeyManager A key manager for X.509 certificates and their associated private keys.
X509TrustManager A trust manager for dealing with X.509 certificates.

Class Summary

CertPathTrustManagerParameters Trust manager parameters for certification paths.
HandshakeCompletedEvent An event raised by a SSLSocket and passed to the HandshakeCompletedListener.handshakeCompleted(HandshakeCompletedEvent) method of all registered listeners when a SSL handshake in a SSL protocol is completed.
HttpsURLConnection A URL connection that connects via the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for HTTPS connections.
KeyManagerFactory A class that creates key manager implementations based on a requested algorithm.
KeyManagerFactorySpi The Service Provider Interface (SPI) for key manager factories.
KeyStoreBuilderParameters FIXME this class is currently a stub; it depends on an implementation of
SSLContext A "meta-factory" for protocol-specific socket and server socket factories.
SSLContextSpi The Service Provider Interface (SPI) for SSLContext objects.
SSLEngine A class for low-level message wrapping and unwrapping of SSL messages.
SSLEngineResult A result from an SSLEngine wrap or unwrap operation.
SSLEngineResult.HandshakeStatus An enumeration of possible handshake status states.
SSLEngineResult.Status An enumeration of possible general states.
SSLPermission A permission used for accessing SSL classes.
SSLServerSocket A server socket that allows clients to connect via the SSL protocol.
SSLServerSocketFactory A server socket factory for Secure Socket Layer (SSL) server sockets.
SSLSessionBindingEvent An event raised by SSLSession objects when objects are bound to them.
SSLSocket A socket that communicates over the secure socket layer protocol.
SSLSocketFactory A socket factory for creating Secure Socket Layer (SSL) sockets.
TrustManagerFactory A factory for creating trust manager objects.
TrustManagerFactorySpi The service provider interface (SPI) for trust managers.
X509ExtendedKeyManager An extended X509KeyManager for use with SSLEngine.

Exception Summary

SSLException The superclass of all possible SSL exceptions.
SSLHandshakeException An exception that signals an error in the SSL handshake phase.
SSLKeyException An exception signaling a problem using a public or private key in an SSL communication.
SSLPeerUnverifiedException An exception thrown when the remote peer could not be verified.
SSLProtocolException An exception thrown when a fatal protocol error is encountered.