Package javax.crypto.spec

Class Summary

DESedeKeySpec This class is a transparent wrapper for DES-EDE (Triple-DES) keys, which are arrays of 24 bytes.
DESKeySpec This class is a transparent wrapper for DES keys, which are arrays of 8 bytes.
DHGenParameterSpec This class represents the parameters needed for generating Diffie-Hellman parameters.
DHParameterSpec The base set of parameters necessary to perform Diffie-Hellman key exchange.
DHPrivateKeySpec A wrapper for Diffie-Hellman private key data.
DHPublicKeySpec A wrapper for Diffie-Hellman public key data.
IvParameterSpec A wrapper for an initialization vector.
PBEKeySpec A wrapper for a password-based key, used for password-based encryption (PBE).
PBEParameterSpec A wrapper for the parameters used in PKCS #5 - Password-Based Cryptography Standard.
RC2ParameterSpec A wrapper for parameters for the RC2 block cipher ("RC" means either "Rivest Cipher" or "Ron's Code", depending upon who you ask and when).
RC5ParameterSpec A wrapper for parameters to the RC5 block cipher.
SecretKeySpec This is a simple wrapper around a raw byte array, for ciphers that do not require any key parameters other than the bytes themselves.