Package javax.activation

Interface Summary

CommandObject Bean interface to implement in order to receive notification of the command verb.
DataContentHandler Provider that can convert streams to objects and vice versa.
DataContentHandlerFactory Factory interface for creating data content handlers.
DataSource An interface by which MIME data can be retrieved and stored.

Class Summary

ActivationDataFlavor Activation-specific DataFlavor with improved MIME parsing.
CommandInfo Description of the result of a command request.
CommandMap Registry of command objects available to the system.
DataHandler Handler for data available in multiple sources and formats.
FileDataSource Data source encapsulating a file.
FileTypeMap Classifier for the MIME content type of files.
MailcapCommandMap Implementation of a command map using a mailcap file (RFC 1524).
MimetypesFileTypeMap Implementation of FileTypeMap that uses the mime.types format.
MimeType A MIME content type, as defined in RFCs 2045 and 2046.
MimeTypeParameterList A list of MIME type parameters, as specified in RFCs 2045 and 2046.
URLDataSource DataSource implementation that retrieves its data from a URL.

Exception Summary

MimeTypeParseException Exception thrown to indicate a malformed MIME content type.
UnsupportedDataTypeException Exception indicating that the requested method doesn't support the specified data type.