Package java.util.logging

Interface Summary

Filter By implementing the Filter interface, applications can control what is being logged based on arbitrary properties, not just the severity level.
LoggingMXBean This interface represents the management interface for logging.

Class Summary

ConsoleHandler A ConsoleHandler publishes log records to System.err.
ErrorManager An ErrorManager deals with errors that a Handler encounters while logging.
FileHandler A FileHandler publishes log records to a set of log files.
Formatter A Formatter supports handlers by localizing message texts and by subsituting parameter values for their placeholders.
Handler A Handler publishes LogRecords to a sink, for example a file, the console or a network socket.
Level A class for indicating logging levels.
Logger A Logger is used for logging information about events.
LogManager The LogManager maintains a hierarchical namespace of Logger objects and manages properties for configuring the logging framework.
LogRecord A LogRecord contains the state for an individual event to be logged.
MemoryHandler A MemoryHandler maintains a circular buffer of log records.
SimpleFormatter A SimpleFormatter formats log records into short human-readable messages, typically one or two lines.
SocketHandler A SocketHandler publishes log records to a TCP/IP socket.
StreamHandler A StreamHandler publishes LogRecords to a instances of
XMLFormatter An XMLFormatter formats LogRecords into a standard XML format.