Package java.text

Interface Summary

AttributedCharacterIterator This interface extends the CharacterIterator interface in order to support iteration over character attributes as well as over the characters themselves.
CharacterIterator This interface defines a mechanism for iterating over a range of characters.

Class Summary

Annotation This class is used as a wrapper for a text attribute object.
AttributedCharacterIterator.Attribute Defines attribute keys that are used as text attributes.
AttributedString This class models a String with attributes over various subranges of the string.
Bidi Bidirectional Algorithm implementation.
BreakIterator This class iterates over text elements such as words, lines, sentences, and characters.
ChoiceFormat This class allows a format to be specified based on a range of numbers.
CollationElementIterator This class walks through the character collation elements of a String as defined by the collation rules in an instance of RuleBasedCollator.
CollationKey This class represents a pre-computed series of bits representing a String for under a particular Collator.
Collator This class is the abstract superclass of classes which perform locale dependent String comparisons.
DateFormatSymbols This class acts as container for locale specific date/time formatting information such as the days of the week and the months of the year.
DecimalFormat This class is a concrete implementation of NumberFormat used to format decimal numbers.
DecimalFormatSymbols This class is a container for the symbols used by DecimalFormat to format numbers and currency for a particular locale.
FieldPosition This class is used by the java.text formatting classes to track field positions.
Format This class is the abstract superclass of classes that format and parse data to/from Strings.
NumberFormat This is the abstract superclass of all classes which format and parse numeric values such as decimal numbers, integers, currency values, and percentages.
ParsePosition This class is used to keep track of the current position during parsing operations.
RuleBasedCollator This class is a concrete subclass of Collator suitable for string collation in a wide variety of languages.
SimpleDateFormat SimpleDateFormat provides convenient methods for parsing and formatting dates using Gregorian calendars (see java.util.GregorianCalendar).
StringCharacterIterator This class iterates over a range of characters in a String.

Exception Summary

ParseException This exception is thrown when an unexpected error occurs during parsing.