Interface Summary

Certificate This interface models a digital certificate which verifies the authenticity of a party.
DomainCombiner A public interface used to combine two ProtectionDomains in a new ProtectionDomain and update the current Protection Domains associated with the current AccessControlContext.
Guard This interface specifies a mechanism for querying whether or not access is allowed to a guarded object.
Key This interfaces models the base characteristics that all keys must have.
Principal This interface models an entity (such as a user or a certificate authority) for the purposes of applying the Java security model.
PrivateKey This interface specified no methods.
PrivilegedAction<T> This interface specifes a single run method that executes a privileged operation.
PrivilegedExceptionAction<T> This interface defines a method that is called by AccessController.doPrivileged() in order to perform a privileged operation with higher privileges enabled.
PublicKey This interface specified no methods.

Class Summary

AccessControlContext AccessControlContext makes system resource access decsion based on permission rights.
AccessController Access control context and permission checker.
AlgorithmParameterGenerator AlgorithmParameterGenerator is used to generate algorithm parameters for specified algorithms.
AlgorithmParameterGeneratorSpiAlgorithmParameterGeneratorSpi is the Service Provider Interface for the AlgorithmParameterGenerator class.
AlgorithmParameters AlgorithmParameters is an Algorithm Parameters class which provides an interface through which the user can manage the parameters of an Algorithm.
AlgorithmParametersSpi AlgorithmParametersSpi is the Service Provider Interface for the Algorithm Parameters class.
AllPermission This class is a permission that implies all other permissions.
BasicPermission This class implements a simple model for named permissions without an associated action list.
CodeSource This class represents a location from which code is loaded (as represented by a URL), and the list of certificates that are used to check the signatures of signed code loaded from this source.
DigestInputStream DigestInputStream is a class that ties an InputStream with a MessageDigest.
DigestOutputStream DigestOutputStream is a class that ties an OutputStream with a MessageDigest.
GuardedObject This class is an object that is guarded by a Guard object.
Identity The Identity class is used to represent people and companies that can be authenticated using public key encryption.
IdentityScope IdentityScope represents a scope of an identity.
KeyFactory Key factories are used to convert keys (opaque cryptographic keys of type Key) into key specifications (transparent representations of the underlying key material).
KeyFactorySpi KeyFactorySpi is the Service Provider Interface (SPI) for the KeyFactory class.
KeyPairKeyPair serves as a simple container for public and private keys.
KeyPairGenerator KeyPairGenerator is a class used to generate key-pairs for a security algorithm.
KeyPairGeneratorSpiKeyPairGeneratorSpi is the interface used to generate key pairs for security algorithms.
KeyStore Keystore represents an in-memory collection of keys and certificates.
KeyStoreSpi KeyStoreSpi is the Service Provider Interface (SPI) for the KeyStore class.
MessageDigest Message digests are secure one-way hash functions that take arbitrary-sized data and output a fixed-length hash value.
MessageDigestSpiThis is the Service Provider Interface (SPI) for MessageDigest class in
Permission This class is the abstract superclass of all classes that implement the concept of a permission.
PermissionCollection This class models a group of Java permissions.
Permissions This class is a heterogeneous collection of permissions.
Policy Policy is an abstract class for managing the system security policy for the Java application environment.
ProtectionDomain This class represents a group of classes, along with their granted permissions.
Provider This class represents a Java security architecture service provider.
SecureClassLoader A Secure Class Loader for loading classes with additional support for specifying code source and permissions when they are retrieved by the system policy handler.
SecureRandom An interface to a cryptographically secure pseudo-random number generator (PRNG).
SecureRandomSpiSecureRandomSpi is the Service Provider Interface for SecureRandom providers.
Security This class centralizes all security properties and common security methods.
SecurityPermission This class provides a mechanism for specified named permissions related to the Java security framework.
Signature Signature is used to provide an interface to digital signature algorithms.
SignatureSpi SignatureSpi defines the Service Provider Interface (SPI) for the Signature class.
SignedObject SignedObject is used for storing runtime objects whose integrity cannot be compromised without being detected.
Signer Signer is a subclass of Identity.
UnresolvedPermission This class is used to hold instances of all permissions that cannot be resolved to available permission classes when the security Policy object is instantiated.

Exception Summary

AccessControlException This exception is thrown when the AccessController denies an attempt to perform an operation.
DigestException This exception indicates that a generic message digest exception has occurred.
GeneralSecurityException This class is the common superclass of all security exceptions.
InvalidAlgorithmParameterException Thrown for an invalid security algorithm parameter.
InvalidKeyException Thrown for an invalid key.
InvalidParameterException Thrown when an invalid parameter is passed to a method of the JCA/JCE engine classes.
KeyException This exception is thrown when there is a problem with a key.
KeyManagementException This exception is thrown whenever a problem related to the management of security keys is encountered.
KeyStoreException Indicates a problem with the key store.
NoSuchAlgorithmException This exception is thrown when the requested security algorithm is not available
NoSuchProviderException This exception is thrown when the requested security provider is not available.
PrivilegedActionException This exception is thrown when an exception is thrown during a privileged action being performed with the AccessController.doPrivileged() method.
ProviderException This exception indicates that a runtime problem was encounterd with a security provider.
SignatureException This exception is thrown when a problem is encountered with a digital signature.
UnrecoverableKeyException This exception is thrown when a key cannot be recovered from the key store.