Package java.rmi.activation

Interface Summary

ActivationInstantiator The implementation of this interface creates (instantiates) the new remote objects in response to the activation request.
ActivationMonitor The activation and inactivation event listener.
ActivationSystem The ActivationSystem registers groups and activatable objects to be activated within those groups.
Activator Activates remote object, providing the live reference to the activable remote object.

Class Summary

Activatable A common ancestor for the implementations of the activatable objects.
ActivationDesc Contains the information, necessary to activate the object.
ActivationGroup The entity that receives the request to activate object and activates it.
ActivationGroupDesc Contains information, necessary to create of recreate the activation objects.
ActivationGroupDesc.CommandEnvironment Contains the startup options for the ActivationGroup implementations.
ActivationGroupID This identifier identifies the activation group inside the scope of its activation system.
ActivationGroup_Stub A stub class for ActivationGroup implementations.
ActivationID Denotes the object that can be activated over time.

Exception Summary

ActivateFailedException Thrown when activation fails on a remote call to an activatable object.
ActivationException General exception class for java.rmi.activation.
UnknownGroupException Thrown when an ActivationGroupID parameter is invalid or unknown.
UnknownObjectException Thrown when an ActivationID parameter is invalid or unknown.