Package java.lang.reflect

Interface Summary

AnnotatedElement Represents an element that can be annotated.
GenericArrayType Represents the type of an array's components, which may be either a parameterized type or a type variable.
GenericDeclaration Represents an entity that declares one or more type parameters.
InvocationHandler This interface defines an invocation handler.
Member Member is an interface that represents any member of a class (field or method) or a constructor.
ParameterizedType Represents a type which is parameterized over one or more other types.
Type Represents any Type within the Java programming language.
TypeVariable<T,extends,GenericDeclaration> This is a common interface for all type variables provided by the Java language.
WildcardType Represents a wildcard type expression, where the type variable is unnamed.

Class Summary

AccessibleObject This class is the superclass of various reflection classes, and allows sufficiently trusted code to bypass normal restrictions to do necessary things like invoke private methods outside of the class during Serialization.
Array Array holds static helper functions that allow you to create and manipulate arrays by reflection.
Constructor<T> The Constructor class represents a constructor of a class.
Field The Field class represents a member variable of a class.
Method The Method class represents a member method of a class.
Modifier Modifier is a helper class with static methods to determine whether an int returned from getModifiers() represents static, public, protected, native, final, etc... and provides an additional method to print out all of the modifiers in an int in order.
Proxy This class allows you to dynamically create an instance of any (or even multiple) interfaces by reflection, and decide at runtime how that instance will behave by giving it an appropriate InvocationHandler.
ReflectPermission This class implements permissions for reflection.

Exception Summary

InvocationTargetException InvocationTargetException is sort of a way to "wrap" whatever exception comes up when a method or constructor is called via Reflection.
MalformedParameterizedTypeException This exception class is thrown when one of the reflection methods encountered an invalid parameterized type within the metadata of a class.
UndeclaredThrowableException This exception class is thrown by a Proxy instance if the invoke method of that instance's InvocationHandler attempts to throw an exception that not declared by the throws clauses of all of the interface methods that the proxy instance is implementing.

Error Summary

GenericSignatureFormatError Thrown on encountering a syntactically malformed signature in a reflective method.