Package java.beans

Interface Summary

AppletInitializerThis interface is a mechanism for the initialization of a Java Bean that is also an Applet.
BeanInfo BeanInfo can be implemented in order to provide explicit information to the Introspector.
ConstructorProperties An annotation used to associate the parameters of a constructor with the accessor methods that later provide access to these values.
Customizer You may explicitly provide a Customizer for your Bean class, which allows you complete control of the editing of the Bean.

A Customizer is meant to be embedded in an RAD tool, and thus must be a descendant of java.awt.Component.

It must also have a constructor with no arguments.

DesignMode BeanContextChild implementors implement this to get information about whether they are in a design time or runtime environment.
ExceptionListener This interface allows a class to monitor internal exceptions, to try to recover from them.
PropertyChangeListener PropertyChangeListener allows a class to monitor properties of a Bean for changes.
PropertyEditor PropertyEditors are custom GUI editors for specific types of values.
VetoableChangeListener VetoableChangeListener allows a class to monitor proposed changes to properties of a Bean and, if desired, prevent them from occurring.
Visibility Visibility is an interface a Bean may implement so that the environment can tell the Bean whether there is a GUI or not, and so that the Bean can tell the environment whether it needs one or can run without one.

Class Summary

BeanDescriptor BeanDescriptor describes general information about a Bean, plus stores the Bean's Class and it's customizer's Class.

Beans Beans provides some helper methods that allow the basic operations of Bean-ness.
DefaultPersistenceDelegateDefaultPersistenceDelegate is a PersistenceDelegate implementation that can be used to serialize objects which adhere to the Java Beans naming convention.
EventHandler EventHandler forms a bridge between dynamically created listeners and arbitrary properties and methods.

You can use this class to easily create listener implementations for some basic interactions between an event source and its target.

EventSetDescriptor EventSetDescriptor describes the hookup between an event source class and an event listener class.
Expression An Expression captures the execution of an object method that returns a value.

It stores an object, the method to call, and the arguments to pass to the method.

While this class can generally be used to describe method calls it is part of the XML serialization API.

FeatureDescriptor FeatureDescriptor is the common superclass for all JavaBeans Descriptor classes.
IndexedPropertyChangeEvent This is like a PropertyChangeEvent, but also carries with it the index of the property which changed.
IndexedPropertyDescriptor IndexedPropertyDescriptor describes information about a JavaBean indexed property, by which we mean an array-like property that has been exposed via a pair of get and set methods and another pair that allows you to get to the property by an index.

An example property would have four methods like this:

FooBar[] getFoo()
void setFoo(FooBar[])
FooBar getFoo(int)
void setFoo(int,FooBar)

The constraints put on get and set methods are:

  1. There must be at least a get(int) or a set(int,...) method.
Introspector Introspector is the class that does the bulk of the design-time work in Java Beans.
MethodDescriptorMethodDescriptor describes information about a JavaBeans method.
ParameterDescriptorParameterDescriptor represents a single parameter to a method.
PersistenceDelegateA PersistenceDelegate describes how a another object has to constructed and transformed in order to create a complete replicate.

For custom classes you will need to implement PersistenceDelegate in a way that is suitable for them.

PropertyChangeEvent PropertyChangeEvents are fired in the PropertyChange and VetoableChange event classes.
PropertyChangeListenerProxy This class provides an extension to PropertyChangeListener - associating a name with the listener.
PropertyChangeSupport PropertyChangeSupport makes it easy to fire property change events and handle listeners.
PropertyDescriptor PropertyDescriptor describes information about a JavaBean property, by which we mean a property that has been exposed via a pair of get and set methods.
PropertyEditorManager PropertyEditorManager is used to find property editors for various types (not necessarily Beans).

It first checks to see if the property editor is already registered; if it is, that property editor is used.

PropertyEditorSupport PropertyEditorSupport helps with PropertyEditors, implementing base functionality that they usually must have but which is a pain to implement.
SimpleBeanInfo SimpleBeanInfo is a class you may extend to more easily provide select information to the Introspector.
Statement A Statement captures the execution of an object method.
VetoableChangeListenerProxy This class provides an extension to VetoableChangeListener - associating a name with the listener.
VetoableChangeSupport VetoableChangeSupport makes it easy to fire vetoable change events and handle listeners.
XMLDecoder The XMLDecoder reads XML data that is structured according to this DTD and creates objects according to the content.
XMLEncoder This class uses the PersistenceDelegate and Encoder infrastructure to generate an XML representation of the objects it serializes.

Exception Summary

IntrospectionException IntrospectionException is thrown when the Introspector fails.
PropertyVetoException PropertyVetoException is thrown when a VetoableChangeListener doesn't like the proposed change.