Package java.beans.beancontext

Interface Summary

BeanContext Acts as a container for sub-beans and as a sub-bean, so that an entire hierarchy of beans can be made up of BeanContexts.
BeanContextChild Beans implement this to get information about the execution environment and its services and to be placed in the hierarchy.
BeanContextChildComponentProxy Interface for BeanContextChilds which wish to associate an AWT component with them.
BeanContextContainerProxy Interface for BeanContexts which wish to associate an AWT container with them.
BeanContextMembershipListener This is the interface to which BeanContextMembershipEvents are sent.
BeanContextProxy Beans that wish to have a BeanContextChild or BeanContext associated with them but do not wish to implement those interfaces directly, can implement this interface.
BeanContextServiceProvider An actual factory for services.
BeanContextServiceProviderBeanInfo BeanContextServiceProviders implement this to provide information about all of the services they provide.
BeanContextServiceRevokedListener Listens for service revoke events.
BeanContextServices Allows a BeanContext to provide services to its children.
BeanContextServicesListener Listens for service add and revoke events.

Class Summary

BeanContextChildSupport Support for creating a BeanContextChild.
BeanContextEvent Generic superclass for events fired by BeanContexts.
BeanContextMembershipEvent Event fired when children are added to or removed from a BeanContext.
BeanContextServiceAvailableEvent Event fired when new services become available through a BeanContextServices.
BeanContextServiceRevokedEvent Event fired when services are revoked from a BeanContextServices.
BeanContextServicesSupport This is a helper class for implementing a bean context which supplies services.
BeanContextSupport This is a helper class for implementing a bean context.