Package java.awt

Interface Summary

ActiveEvent An interface for events which can dispatch themselves in another thread.
Adjustable This interface is for objects that take a numeric value that can be adjusted within a bounded range.
Composite This interface is for graphics which are formed as composites of others.
CompositeContext This interface provides an optimized environment for compositing graphics.
ItemSelectable This interface is for objects that can have one or more items selected.
KeyEventDispatcher An instance of this interface coordinates with a KeyboardFocusManager to target and dispatch all key events.
KeyEventPostProcessor An instance of this interface coordinates with a KeyboardFocusManager to target and dispatch all key events that are otherwise unconsumed.
LayoutManager This interface is for laying out containers in a particular sequence.
LayoutManager2 Layout manager for laying out containers based on contraints.
MenuContainer This interface is a container for menu components.
Paint Defines how color patterns are generated for Graphics2D operations.
PrintGraphics This interface allows the originating print job to be obtained.
Shape This interface represents an abstract shape.
Stroke This interface allows a Graphics2D to grab the outline of a shape, as if stroked by a marking pen of appropriate size and shape.
Transparency A common transparency mode for layering graphics.

Class Summary

AWTEvent AWTEvent is the root event class for all AWT events in the JDK 1.1 event model.
AWTEventMulticaster This class is used to implement a chain of event handlers.
AWTKeyStroke This class mirrors KeyEvents, representing both low-level key presses and key releases, and high level key typed inputs.
AWTPermission This class implements permissions for AWT.
BasicStroke A general purpose Stroke implementation that can represent a wide variety of line styles for use with subclasses of Graphics2D.
BorderLayout This class implements a layout manager that positions components in certain sectors of the parent container.
BufferCapabilities A double-buffering capability descriptor.
BufferCapabilities.FlipContents A type-safe enumeration of buffer flipping results.
Button This class provides a button widget for the AWT.
Canvas The Canvas component provides a blank rectangular area, which the client application can use for drawing and for capturing events.
Canvas.AccessibleAWTCanvas This class provides accessibility support for the canvas.
CardLayout This class implements a card-based layout scheme.
Checkbox This class implements a component which has an on/off state.
Checkbox.AccessibleAWTCheckbox This class provides accessibility support for the checkbox.
CheckboxGroup This class if for combining checkboxes into groups so that only one checkbox in the group can be selected at any one time.
CheckboxMenuItem This class implements a menu item that has a checkbox on it indicating the selected state of some option.
Choice This class implements a drop down choice list.
Choice.AccessibleAWTChoice This class provides accessibility support for the combo box.
Color This class represents a color value in the AWT system.
Component The root of all evil.
Component.AccessibleAWTComponent This class provides accessibility support for subclasses of container.
Component.BltBufferStrategy This class provides support for blitting offscreen surfaces to a component.
Component.FlipBufferStrategy This class provides support for flipping component buffers.
Component.AccessibleAWTComponent.AccessibleAWTComponentHandler Converts component changes into property changes.
Component.AccessibleAWTComponent.AccessibleAWTFocusHandler Converts focus changes into property changes.
ComponentOrientation This class is used to differentiate different orientations for text layout.
Container A generic window toolkit object that acts as a container for other objects.
Container.AccessibleAWTContainer This class provides accessibility support for subclasses of container.
Container.AccessibleAWTContainer.AccessibleContainerHandler This class fires a PropertyChange listener, if registered, when children are added or removed from the enclosing accessible object.
ContainerOrderFocusTraversalPolicy ContainerOrderFocusTraversalPolicy defines a focus traversal order based on the order in which Components were packed in a Container.
Cursor This class represents various predefined cursor types.
DefaultFocusTraversalPolicy DefaultFocusTraversalPolicy is the default focus traversal policy used by Containers.
Desktop This class enables Java application to access system commands to perform desktop oriented operations, like writing and sending emails, or surfing webpages with the system browser or editing/printing files with a default editor.
Desktop.Action Represents an action type supported by a platform.
Dialog Dialog provides a top-level window normally used to receive user input in applications.
Dialog.AccessibleAWTDialog Accessibility support for Dialog.
Dimension This class holds a width and height value pair.
DisplayMode This encapsulates information about the display mode for a graphics device configuration.
Event Written using on-line Java Platform 1.2 API Specification, as well as "The Java Class Libraries", 2nd edition (Addison-Wesley, 1998).
EventQueue This class manages a queue of AWTEvent objects that are posted to it.
FileDialog This class implements a file selection dialog box widget.
FlowLayoutThis class implements a flow-based layout.
Font This class represents a windowing system font.
FontMetrics This class returns information about the display characteristics of a font.
Frame This class is a top-level window with a title bar and window decorations.
Frame.AccessibleAWTFrame Accessibility support for Frame.
GradientPaint A paint object that can be used to color a region by blending two colors.
Graphics This is the abstract superclass of classes for drawing to graphics devices such as the screen or printers.
Graphics2D An abstract class defining a device independent two-dimensional vector graphics API.
GraphicsConfigTemplate This allows filtering an array of GraphicsConfigurations for the best one based on various requirements.
GraphicsConfiguration This class describes the configuration of various graphics devices, such as a monitor or printer.
GraphicsDevice This describes a graphics device available to the given environment.
GraphicsEnvironment This descibes the collection of GraphicsDevice and Font objects available on a given platform.
GridBagConstraints This specifies the constraints for a component managed by the GridBagLayout layout manager.
GridLayoutThis class implements a grid-based layout scheme.
Image This is the abstract superclass of all image objects in Java.
ImageCapabilities This class represents the capabilities of an image buffer.
Insets This class represents the "margin" or space around a container.
JobAttributes Needs documentation...
KeyboardFocusManager The KeyboardFocusManager handles the focusing of windows for receiving keyboard events.
Label This component is used for displaying simple text strings that cannot be edited by the user.
Label.AccessibleAWTLabel This class provides accessibility support for the label.
List Class that implements a listbox widget
MediaTracker This class is used for keeping track of the status of various media objects.
Menu This class represents a pull down or tear off menu in Java's AWT.
Menu.AccessibleAWTMenu Basic Accessibility class for Menu.
MenuBar This class implements a menu bar in the AWT system.
MenuBar.AccessibleAWTMenuBar This class provides accessibility support for AWT menu bars.
MenuComponent This is the superclass of all menu AWT widgets.
MenuComponent.AccessibleAWTMenuComponent This class provides a base for the accessibility support of menu components.
MenuItem This class represents an item in a menu.
MenuShortcut This class implements a keyboard accelerator for a menu item.
MouseInfo MouseInfo is a class containing utility functions for mouse information.
PageAttributes Missing Documentation
Panel A panel is a simple container class.
Panel.AccessibleAWTPanel This class provides accessibility support for Panels, and is the runtime type returned by getAccessibleContext().
Point This class represents a point on the screen using cartesian coordinates.
PointerInfo PointerInfo represents information about the mouse pointer, i.e. its GraphicsDevice and location.
Polygon This class represents a polygon, a closed, two-dimensional region in a coordinate space.
PopupMenu This class implement an AWT popup menu widget
PrintJob This abstract class represents a print job.
Rectangle This class represents a rectangle and all the interesting things you might want to do with it.
RenderingHints A collection of (key, value) items that provide 'hints' for the Graphics2D rendering pipeline.
RenderingHints.Key The base class used to represent keys.
Robot The Robot class is used to simulate user interaction with graphical programs.
Scrollbar This class implements a scrollbar widget.
Scrollbar.AccessibleAWTScrollBar This class provides accessibility support for the scrollbar.
ScrollPane This widget provides a scrollable region that allows a single subcomponent to be viewed through a smaller window.
ScrollPaneAdjustable Need this class since the serialization spec for ScrollPane uses it.
SystemColor This class contains the various "system colors" in use by the native windowing system.
TextArea A TextArea is a text component capable of displaying multiple lines of user-editable text.
TextComponent This class provides common functionality for widgets than contain text.
TextField This class implements a single line text entry field widget
TexturePaint This class provides a way to fill a Shape with a texture that is specified by a BufferedImage.
Toolkit The AWT system uses a set of native peer objects to implement its widgets.
Window This class represents a top-level window with no decorations.

Exception Summary

AWTException This is a generic exception that indicates an exception occurred in the Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) system.
FontFormatException Thrown when a specified font is bad.
HeadlessException This exception is thrown when code dependent on a keyboard, mouse, or display is executed in a headless environment.
IllegalComponentStateException This exception is thrown when the requested operation failed because a component was not in the proper state.

Error Summary

AWTError This error is thrown when a critical Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) error occurs.