Class Summary

AttributeImpl An attribute event.
CharactersImpl A character data (text) event.
CommentImpl A comment event.
DTDImpl A DOCTYPE declaration event.
EndDocumentImpl An end-document event.
EndElementImpl An end-element event.
EntityDeclarationImpl An entity declaration event.
EntityReferenceImpl An entity reference event.
NamespaceImpl A namespace declaration event.
NotationDeclarationImpl A notation declaration event.
ProcessingInstructionImpl A processing instruction event.
SAXParser JAXP SAX parser using an underlying StAX parser.
SAXParserFactory SAX parser factory providing a SAX compatibility layer on top of StAX.
StartDocumentImpl A start-document event.
StartElementImpl A start-element event.
UnicodeReader A reader that converts UTF-16 characters to Unicode code points.
XMLEventAllocatorImpl Allocator for creating XML events based on a reader state.
XMLEventFactoryImpl Factory for XML events.
XMLEventImpl An XML stream event.
XMLEventReaderImpl Parser using XML events.
XMLEventWriterImpl Writer to write events to an underlying XML stream writer.
XMLInputFactoryImpl Factory for creating parsers from various kinds of XML source.
XMLOutputFactoryImpl Standard output factory.
XMLParser An XML parser.
XMLStreamWriterImpl Simple XML stream writer.