Package gnu.xml.pipeline

Interface Summary

EventConsumer Collects the event consumption apparatus of a SAX pipeline stage.

Class Summary

CallFilter Input is sent as an XML request to given URI, and the output of this filter is the parsed response to that request.
DomConsumer This consumer builds a DOM Document from its input, acting either as a pipeline terminus or as an intermediate buffer.
DomConsumer.Handler Class used to intercept various parsing events and use them to populate a DOM document.
EventFilter A customizable event consumer, used to assemble various kinds of filters using SAX handlers and an optional second consumer.
LinkFilter Pipeline filter to remember XHTML links found in a document, so they can later be crawled.
NSFilter This filter ensures that element and attribute names are properly prefixed, and that such prefixes are declared.
PipelineFactory This provides static factory methods for creating simple event pipelines.
TeeConsumer Fans its events out to two other consumers, a "tee" filter stage in an event pipeline.
TextConsumer Terminates a pipeline, consuming events to print them as well formed XML (or XHTML) text.
ValidationConsumer This class checks SAX2 events to report validity errors; it works as both a filter and a terminus on an event pipeline.
WellFormednessFilter This filter reports fatal exceptions in the case of event streams that are not well formed.
XIncludeFilter Filter to process an XPointer-free subset of XInclude, supporting its use as a kind of replacement for parsed general entities.
XsltFilter Packages an XSLT transform as a pipeline component.