Package gnu.xml.dom

Class Summary

Consumer Event consumer which constructs DOM documents using the implementation in this package, using SAX2 events.
Consumer.Backdoor Implements the backdoors needed by DOM.
DomAttr "Attr" implementation.
DomCDATASection "CDATASection" implementation.
DomCharacterData Abstract "CharacterData" implementation.
DomComment "Comment" implementation.
DomDoctype "DocumentType" implementation (with no extensions for supporting any document typing information).
DomDocument "Document" and "DocumentTraversal" implementation.
DomDocumentBuilderFactory Document builder factory that uses a DOM Level 3 Load & Save implementation.
DomDocumentFragment "DocumentFragment" implementation.
DomElement "Element" implementation.
DomEntity "Entity" implementation.
DomEntityReference "EntityReference" implementation (reference to parsed entity).
DomEvent "Event" implementation.
DomEvent.DomMutationEvent "MutationEvent" implementation.
DomEvent.DomUIEvent "UIEvent" implementation.
DomExtern Abstract implemention of nodes describing external DTD-related objects.
DomImpl "DOMImplementation" implementation.
DomIterator "NodeIterator" implementation, usable with any L2 DOM which supports MutationEvents.
DomNamedNodeMap "NamedNodeMap" implementation.
DomNode "Node", "EventTarget", and "DocumentEvent" implementation.
DomNodeIterator Node iterator and tree walker.
DomNotation "Notation" implementation.
DomNsNode Abstract implemention of namespace support.
DomProcessingInstruction "ProcessingInstruction" (PI) implementation.
DomText "Text" implementation.
ImplementationList Implementation list for GNU JAXP.
ImplementationSource Implementation source for GNU JAXP.
JAXPFactory DOM bootstrapping API, for use with JAXP.

Exception Summary

DomDOMException DOMException implementation.