Package gnu.javax.swing.text.html.css

Interface Summary

CSSParserCallback Defines the callback that is used by the CSSParser to notify the backend of the parsing process.

Class Summary

BorderStyle Utility class for handling border styles.
BorderWidth A special CSS metric for border widths.
CSSColor Converts CSS color values into AWT Color values.
CSSParser A parser for CSS stylesheets.
FontSize Converts CSS font-size values into real (point) values.
FontStyle Converts font-size CSS values to a form to be used by Font.
FontWeight Converts font-weight CSS values to the constants defined for Font
Length Converts CSS length values to usable length values.
Selector A CSS selector.

Exception Summary

CSSLexicalException Indicates a failure in the lexical analyser of the CSS parser.
CSSParserException This exception is raised when the CSS parser hits a syntax error.