Interface Summary

EntropySource A generic interface for adding random bytes to an entropy pool.
SRPTrustManager A trust manager for secure remote password (SRP) key exchange cipher suites.

Class Summary

AbstractSessionContext A skeletal implementation of SSLSessionContext.
NullManagerParameters This empty class can be used to initialize KeyManagerFactory and TrustManagerFactory instances for the ``JessieX509'' algorithm, for cases when no keys or trusted certificates are desired or needed.
PrivateCredentials An instance of a manager factory parameters for holding a single certificate/private key pair, encoded in PEM format.
Session A concrete implementation of the SSLSession interface.
Session.ID An SSL or TLS session ID.
SRPManagerParameters Instances of this class are used to initialize TrustManagerFactory instances for the ``SRP'' algorithm.
SSLCipherSuite An SSL cipher suite.
StaticTrustAnchors This class implements a simple set of trust anchors suitable for initializing a TrustManagerFactory for the "JessieX509" algorithm.

Exception Summary