Package gnu.javax.crypto.prng

Interface Summary

IPBE Trivial interface to group Password-based encryption property names and constants.

Class Summary

ARCFour RC4 is a stream cipher developed by Ron Rivest.
CSPRNG An entropy pool-based pseudo-random number generator based on the PRNG in Peter Gutmann's cryptlib (
Fortuna The Fortuna continuously-seeded pseudo-random number generator.
Fortuna.Generator The Fortuna generator function.
ICMGenerator Counter Mode is a way to define a pseudorandom keystream generator using a block cipher.
PBKDF2 An implementation of the key derivation function KDF2 from PKCS #5: Password-Based Cryptography (PBE).
PRNGFactory A Factory to instantiate pseudo random number generators.
UMacGenerator KDFs (Key Derivation Functions) are used to stretch user-supplied key material to specific size(s) required by high level cryptographic primitives.