Package gnu.javax.crypto.pad

Interface Summary

IPad The basic visible methods, and attribute names, of every padding algorithm.

Class Summary

BasePad An abstract class to facilitate implementing padding algorithms.
ISO10126 The implementation of the ISO 10126-2 padding algorithm.
PadFactory A Factory to instantiate padding schemes.
PKCS1_V1_5 A padding algorithm implementation of the EME-PKCS1-V1.5 encoding/decoding algorithm as described in section 7.2 of RFC-3447.
PKCS7 The implementation of the PKCS7 padding algorithm.
SSL3 The padding scheme used by the Secure Sockets Layer, version 3.
TBC The implementation of the Trailing Bit Complement (TBC) padding algorithm.
TLS1 The padding scheme used by the Transport Layer Security protocol, version 1.

Exception Summary

WrongPaddingException A checked exception that indicates that a padding algorithm did not find the expected padding bytes when unpadding some data.